John Cena’s Retirement Announcement from WWE in 2025

John Cena has declared that he will be retiring from participating in WWE matches, but he plans to remain with the company until 2025.

Cena has been a part-time WWE superstar since 2018 and has achieved great success as a 16-time World Champion wrestler, tying the record held by Ric Flair. Despite this, there has been much speculation in 2024 about his potential retirement from the WWE.

The 47-year-old disclosed that he had no intentions of extending his wrestling career beyond the age of 50. He had previously mentioned a potential timeline for his retirement and his ideal final location.

Despite this, there were still numerous supporters who remained optimistic that Cena would carry on for another three years. However, it appears that he will be leaving the sport earlier than initially anticipated.

During the WWE’s 2024 Money in the Bank event on July 7, Cena made a surprise appearance and announced that the time had come for him to retire from wrestling.

In a highly charged promotional moment, Cena officially announced his retirement from the WWE, a declaration that caused the crowd to erupt in a state of devastation.

Despite this, the wrestling champion emphasized that his departure does not mean the end, as he plans to stay until 2025.

Despite his decision to retire from in-ring competitions, Cena revealed that he would still participate in the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and join Raw’s transition to Netflix.

Furthermore, he announced that the Las Vegas WrestleMania 2025 would mark his last appearance in the ring. As the audience erupted into a chorus of “Thank you, Cena”, the WWE superstar was visibly moved by the gesture.

Cena expressed his gratitude, saying, “What a truly kind gesture.”He extended his thanks for the opportunity to play in the house that was built for many years, and for always having a strong and honest voice. He acknowledged that the honesty may be brutally delivered, but it is appreciated.

Fans have quickly taken to expressing their sadness over Cena’s exit on social media, with numerous confessing that they cannot fathom the idea of WWE without him.

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