Pokimane Opens Up About Her Embarrassing Experience with Dating Apps

Pokimane recently revealed an “embarrassing”dating app experience she had while trying to join the exclusive Raya community. During a stream, she shared the story with her viewers.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, a popular Twitch streamer, has always piqued the interest of her 9.3 million followers with her dating life. In the past, there have been numerous speculations about her relationships and who she has been romantically linked with.

Despite having previously opened up about a “toxic”relationship, the 28-year-old is known to typically keep her personal life private in order to avoid the scrutiny of the public.

During a live broadcast on Twitch on July 2, popular streamer Pokimane shared a story about her experience on the dating app Raya. According to her, she decided to “spill the tea”and reveal an embarrassing incident that occurred while she was celebrating her birthday with her friends and drinking Champagne and wine.

Raya is a dating app that requires a membership and is highly regarded as the top choice for celebrities. As Pokimane puts it, it is only accessible to those who hold a notable status. The only means of joining is through a member’s invitation or by requesting entry through referrals.

Despite thinking that the concept of dating apps (and dating apps in general) was “dumb”, Pokimane still decided to submit an application. In order to do so, she included two referrals, one being “the most attractive and well-known girl on influencer”and the other being someone she had previously worked with.

“Despite admitting to wanting to progress in life and have a baby someday, the Twitch streamer denied feeling lonely. She questioned where else she was supposed to find her future partner, stating that she was open to using dating apps.”

“I’ve attempted to wait at the grocery store, visited Home Depot, and appeared lost… but all I am met with is a sales representative! I do not desire a sales rep, I require someone who can assist me in my journey towards having a child.”

Despite her friends’ warnings that it could take up to a week or two to be accepted into Raya, Pokimane had not received any news after a month and a half. This was particularly perplexing to her, as she was aware that all dating apps required more female users in order to operate effectively, regardless of their exclusivity.

“Pokimane questioned, “Who takes six weeks to be accepted into a dating app?”She expressed feeling like an outsider and was growing frustrated with the situation. “I’m starting to feel foolish for even trying. I may as well cancel my application at this point.”

Despite her efforts, the Twitch star was unable to use any “regular dating apps”as she had been banned for allegedly impersonating herself. As a result, she may have to search for a potential husband through other means.

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