Dawn’s Proposal Photo Sparks Controversy After Hyuna’s Marriage Announcement, I Put Half My Assets Towards It

Despite their past breakup, Hyuna and Dawn made a promise on a broadcast to not delete any photos together. This promise held true, as even after Hyuna’s marriage announcement to Yong Jun-hyung on July 8th, neither she nor Dawn deleted any of their dating photos.

hyuna yong junhyung

In 2018, Hyuna and Dawn, both affiliated with CUBE Entertainment, went public with their relationship and disclosed that they had been dating for two years. After departing from CUBE, they joined Psy’s agency P Nation and collaborated on the EP album “1+1=1″as a duo. Through their frequent mentions and displays of affection for each other on social media and various performances, they gained admiration from many as a “longtime idol couple”.

Hyuna Dawn

In 2022, Dawn made a public announcement on social media about his plan to propose to Hyuna, along with a photo of the proposal ring he had prepared for her. Hyuna responded with a “YES”, causing speculation about their upcoming marriage. However, it was later revealed that Hyuna’s future husband is not Dawn. Despite this, the proposal picture that Dawn had shared on his social media account is still visible.

During his relationship with Hyuna, Dawn revealed on a broadcast, “I invested half of my property in the proposal.”The ring was designed by the jewelry brand D, and Dawn personally selected an opal, which is Hyuna’s preferred gemstone, and added seven different kinds of diamonds to a platinum band. The male singer put in a great amount of effort and thought to create a one-of-a-kind design. The brand expressed, “The value of love cannot be measured, but Dawn invested a significant amount of money, time, and sincerity into this ring.”

Upon learning about Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung’s marriage, fans were filled with bitterness as they revisited Dawn’s proposal photo.

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