Pokemon Go’s Returning Ultra Beast: Nightmare Fuel for Players

Ultra Beasts (UBs) can be found throughout Pokemon Go, appearing in Raids and Research quests. This gives players the opportunity to catch them even after taking a break from the game for several months. However, one particular species is causing some unease among players due to its unpredictable nature.

Despite being extraterrestrial Pokemon with abnormal designs, the culprit in question is none other than Guzzlord, the evil Ultra Beast from the Sun and Moon games. Out of all the UBs, this Dark/Dragon-type may seem the most implausible to fans of the mobile game.

Even though trainers could easily obtain it during the Inbound from Ultra Space event prior to Go Fest 2024, encountering it still shocked many. One trainer even turned to Reddit to share their experience of this “nightmare fuel.”

I’m a G1 player. Wtf is this nightmare fuel? byu/basod1 inpokemongo

According to one user, Guzzlord elicited a strong reaction: “The first time I saw that thing the other day. WHAT. THE. FU.”Another user chimed in, comparing it to a menacing clown from another planet.

As more individuals voiced their shock towards the “freak,”others shared additional details that could potentially heighten the fear factor of this Ultra Beast. One notable mention was its depiction in the Anime, where it emits piercing screams akin to a deranged and terrifying creature.

As there was a great deal of interest in the creature’s origins, a fan clarified, “Guzzlord is believed to be the physical embodiment of a black hole, making it one of the most fearsome Dragon types in the series. It’s important to note that Guzzlord is considered an Ultra Beast, originating from another dimension, which adds to its otherworldly and unsettling appearance.”

It should be noted that the OP caught a shiny Guzzlord, while the normal version is black and golden. Despite still finding it intimidating, many grew to appreciate the rare shiny catch, confessing their admiration for its unique colors.

“I don’t know, but honestly, I only have one and it’s not shiny. When I searched for the shiny version, this unappealing piece of trash became just as coveted to me as a shiny Duckett. I have a soft spot for these unattractive shinies,”one person admitted.

With Pokemon Go Fest 2024 approaching, take a look at the plethora of new shinies available and decide if purchasing an event ticket is worthwhile.

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