Days with My Stepsister anime announces Summer 2024 Release Date and More with New PV

The official staff of Days with My Stepsister anime announced on Sunday, June 9, 2024 that the show will premiere on July 4, 2024. Along with this news, the staff also revealed the main promotional video and shared the names of the new cast members and theme song artists.

So far, Media Factory has released nine volumes of the light novel under the MF Bunko J imprint. This has also led to a manga adaptation featuring illustrations by Yumita Kanade.

Days with My Stepsister Anime Main Trailer Confirms July 4, 2024 Release Date

On July 4, 2024, the official X account for Days with My Stepsister anime released the main promotional video, announcing that the series will be aired. The short video also revealed the broadcast information, following the initial announcement made on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

The broadcasting schedule for the Days with My Stepsister anime has been finalized. The show will air every Thursday at 9 pm JST, starting July 4, 2024, on AT-X. In addition, the series will also be broadcasted on Tokyo MX, BS11, and Kansai TV at different times.

Starting July 4, 2024, U-NEXT, d Anime Store, and Animehodai will stream new episodes of the anime every Thursday at 10 pm JST. On June 23, 2024, the official anime team will be hosting an online screening of episodes 1-3 on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel, followed by a talk session with the cast members.

Yuuta and Saki, as seen in the trailer (Image via Studio DEEN)
Yuuta and Saki, as seen in the trailer (Image via Studio DEEN)

In particular, the most recent promotional video features Shiori Yomiuri, Maaya Narasaka, and other secondary characters, as well as the step-siblings Yuuta and Saki. The trailer offers a sneak peek into the daily lives of Yuuta and Saki, providing fans with a preview of what they can anticipate in the upcoming anime Days with My Stepsister.

In addition to the PV, the staff has also released information about the anime’s opening and ending theme songs. The opening theme, titled “Tenshi Tachi no Uta”or “Song of the Angels”in English, is performed by Fhána, while the ending theme “Suiso no Blanco”or “Aquarium Swing”is sung by Kitri. The trailer provides a preview of both songs.

Furthermore, the PV has introduced new staff members. Emi Ota and Toku Watanabe have been announced as main animators for the anime, with Imari Katsuragi joining as the color designer. Masatoshi Kai and Akane Shiraishi will serve as the art director and editor, respectively. Additionally, Shinyo Kondo is credited as the director of photography.

Cast and Crew for Days with My Stepsister Anime

Yuuta and Saki, as seen strolling (Image via Studio DEEN)
Yuuta and Saki, as seen strolling (Image via Studio DEEN)

Kohei Amasaki portrays the character of Yuta Asamura in the anime, while Yuki Nakashima voices Saki Ayase. Minori Suzuki is the voice behind Shiori Yomiuri, and Ayu Suzuki takes on the role of Maaya Narasaka. The remaining cast includes Daiki Hamano as Tomokazu Maru, Reina Ueda as Akiko Ayase, and Chikahiro Kobayashi as Taichi Asamu.

Tsutomu Ueno is the head of Studio DEEN, overseeing operations with Mitsutaka Hirota as the script supervisor and character designer. CITOCA is credited as the music composer at One Cushion and Nippon Columbia, while Noriyoshi Konuma serves as the sound director. Additionally, Kaori Yamada is responsible for the series’ sound effects.

The anime Days with My Stepsister is inspired by Ghost Mikawa’s light novels and follows the story of high school student Yuuta Nakashima. After his father gets remarried, Yuuta discovers that his classmate Saki is now his stepsister. This romantic anime delves into their evolving relationship and individual character development.

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