Preview for Season 2 of Tower of God raises questions among fans

Despite the release of another trailer for Tower of God Season 2, fans are not as thrilled as they were with previous reveals, as the series draws closer.

The second season of Tower of God is scheduled to premiere in July 2024. This release date was announced in late 2023 and there have been no signs of a potential delay for the anime series.

Four years have passed since the initial season wrapped up, leading eager viewers to anticipate the return to the Tower alongside Twenty-Fifth Bam and Rachel. IGN Live 2024 recently released another trailer, offering a glimpse of new footage in addition to previously released clips.

Despite the excitement surrounding the return of Tower of God, there are some concerns about its overall quality. Some fans have noticed similarities between the currently released episodes and the first episode, leading to speculation that they may just be bits and pieces from the first episode. These concerns have been heightened by the upcoming screening event in Japan on June 26, where four episodes will be shown.

The commenter on Reddit states that it seems like they are only revealing scenes from the first episode, which they find to be strange despite having at least 4 episodes ready to air.

Concern is beginning to grow within the community regarding The Answer Studio. As one commenter expressed, “If the release date remains in July, there is a chance that production will suffer or the episode quality will significantly decrease.”

Despite expressing concerns about certain aspects, several other commenters also mention their decision to maintain a positive outlook. The studio has undergone a transition from Telecom Animation Film, resulting in a new style of artwork.

These developments, along with the lengthy production process, have caused fans to remain open-minded. However, it’s important to note that these changes are not uncommon in the industry. Just like One Punch Man Season 3, which has also faced delays and a change in studios, these challenges are expected in the world of anime adaptations.

If Tower of God Season 2 remains on schedule, we can expect to see it for ourselves next month. The first reactions will likely come from the Japanese screening and the premiere at Anime Expo on July 6.

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