Deadly Pokemon Go Counters for Defeating Team Rocket Grunts Quickly

Defeating Team Rocket Grunts can be a daunting task in Pokemon Go, but equipping your counters with specific stats and moves can greatly increase your chances of securing quick and guaranteed victories.

Pokemon Go trainers frequently face challenges when trying to defeat Team Rocket Grunts and catch their formidable Shadow Pokemon, which are essential for participating in Raids and the Go Battle League.

Currently, with the guidance of a trainer on suitable counter tactics, conquering the most formidable adversaries has become effortless.

Ginden, the player, posted a cheat sheet on the Silph Road subreddit titled “Quickly Defeating Rocket Grunts – High Fast Attack Damage Pokemon Guide.”

The OP clarified that utilizing Pokémon with powerful Fast Moves is a more successful strategy for defeating all Team Go Rocket Grunts compared to Charged Moves. They also provided a comprehensive list of the top counters for each lineup.

Overall, they stressed the importance of having level 40 Kartana, Shadow Rampardos, and Shadow Gardevoir in defeating the Grunts. They also strongly advised having 15 Attack IVs without exception.

Quickly dispatching Rocket grunts – cheat sheet for high fast attack damage Pokemon byu/Ginden inTheSilphRoad

The list posted by the OP received praise from users in the comments section, with several experienced Pokemon Go players endorsing the featured counters, specifically Kartana. This Grass/Steel-type Ultra Beast was referred to as the “GOAT”by one player who shared their experience.

“The speed and force of Razor Leaf is so intense that at times, the second Pokemon of the grunt is defeated as soon as it appears, leaving no chance for it to retaliate. By the time the third Pokemon is released, my Kartana is already charged and ready to deliver the final blow.”

Additional contributions were made to the OP’s suggestions, with some suggesting that it would be best to have two Pokemon that can effectively counter the Team Rocket lineups, while also ensuring that the third pick compensates for any secondary types.

For instance, a trainer pointed out that Dark-type teams typically contain at least one Poison Pokemon, which effectively cancels out all of Dark’s vulnerabilities. In this scenario, having a Pokemon like Excadrill in your party would be beneficial. Excadrill’s Fast Move Mud-Slap is essential for dominating these types of battles.

In addition to battling Team Rocket, using the right Fast Moves is crucial for success in the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues in Pokemon Go. Make sure to consult the list of top Elite Fast TMs to enhance your team’s power.

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