XDefiant GSK Faction: Abilities and Background

Ubisoft has announced that the GSK will be the initial XDefiant Faction to be introduced after the game’s launch. But who exactly are they and what abilities do they possess?

Following a successful Preseason for XDefiant, the developers have now revealed details about Season 1. The upcoming major update will introduce a variety of fresh weapons and maps, with the highly anticipated arrival of the new GSK Faction being a highlight.

However, who exactly are the GSK and what can we expect them to contribute to XDefiant?

XDefiant GSK Abilities So Far

So far, GSK has only revealed two abilities in XDefiant: Flash Shield and Jager’s ADS System. The former is the Faction’s Ultimate, where a shield is deployed and a pistol is equipped to block incoming fire while still allowing the opportunity to deal damage.

When utilizing this Ultimate, your legs will be the only visible part of your body, providing ample protection while still allowing the opposing team to find a way to counter it. Additionally, the shield is equipped with a front-facing flash, ideal for disorienting the enemy team before your team eliminates them.

At the same time, the ADS System created by Jager operates similarly to the Trophy System in Call of Duty, safeguarding both you and your team by intercepting enemy explosives. This feature is most effective when used in situations of attack or defense, as it hinders grenades from swiftly eliminating you and compels the opposing team to directly engage with you.

During the Faction’s unveiling at Ubisoft Forward 2024, a different ability was shown on the HUD that appeared to be a type of explosive, possibly C4 or another type of grenade. However, the trailer did not demonstrate its functionality, making it unclear as to what it is or how it will function.

At the moment, there is limited information available about GSK’s Passive ability. As soon as the details are disclosed, we will update this page with a comprehensive overview of all its abilities.

Who are GSK Faction in XDefiant?

The GSK Faction in XDefiant has been adapted from Rainbox Six Siege, maintaining the trend of featuring groups from other Ubisoft games. This faction seems to draw inspiration from the GSG 9, a German counter-terrorism unit also present in Rainbox Six Siege.

Once incorporated into XDefiant, the GSK Faction utilizes a blend of skills from various R6 Siege Operators. The ADS System is derived from Jager and the Flash Shield Ultimate is adopted from Blitz, both of whom are part of GSG 9 and among the three playable characters alongside IQ.

So far, this is all the information we have on the GSK Faction in XDefiant. In Season 1, players can expect the complete Ranked experience and a new game mode, so it’s important to have the strongest weapons available to succeed.

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