Deadpool & Wolverine first reaction leaves fans “in disbelief”

Just to clarify, viewers are not watching the entire film. However, based on fan responses to the initial screenings of Deadpool and Wolverine, it seems that the upcoming MCU film is truly shaping up to be something extraordinary.

The screenings of Deadpool and Wolverine, which began in the first week of July, only feature approximately 40 minutes of the movie. This is the initial glimpse that fans have had at the film, making it a significant one. This is especially crucial for the MCU, as it has faced challenges in winning back fans in recent times.

Another fan replied to Nacht_Silver, saying, “He managed to cook so much in just 40 minutes! The remaining 90 minutes will surely take me to heaven.”

Despite the preview, fans have not had the opportunity to see much of the movie either, providing a silver lining.

As stated by Ras_Al_Him, an X user, the preview concluded with a battle between Deadpool and Wolverine in front of the Fox Logo, further confirming earlier assertions that a significant portion of the trailer featured scenes from the beginning of the movie.

The film’s extended press tour has included previews, beginning with the event in Shanghai, China on July 3. The tour features actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as well as director Shawn Levy, traveling to various locations around the world. Apart from Shanghai, the trio has also visited Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany.

The tour includes a preview of 40 minutes of footage, which makes up almost a third of the film’s nearly two-hour runtime. This has resulted in a potential minefield of spoilers, so it is advisable to be cautious about posting on social media for a while.

The movie Deadpool & Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26. In the meantime, you can learn about the inspiration behind Cassandra Nova’s character from Willy Wonka or the joke that was inspired by a note from Kevin Feige.

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