The Boys viewers think Homelander can be killed in many different ways

As the fourth season of the show approaches its end, fans have been discussing the various ways in which The Boys could potentially kill Homelander.

Despite the team’s numerous attempts, The Boys’ main objective of defeating Homelander still remains the central focus of the storyline. The main issue lies in the fact that the villainous version of Superman appears to have no vulnerabilities, resulting in the team’s repeated failed efforts to defeat him.

The Season 4 narrative presents the supe-killing virus from Gen V as a potential solution, but some fans are convinced that there are other theories that could be The Boys’ alternative to using a virus.

The Redditor known as UnionInteresting8453 created a comprehensive list of potential methods for The Boys to eliminate Homelander. Among these options was the previously mentioned virus, however, the recent revelation in Season 4 Episode 6 that it could eradicate all supes may render it unusable.

The Redditor suggested that alternative possibilities could include Soldier Boy, Gen V’s Cate, Victoria Neuman, a nuclear weapon, Ryan, and the use of sheer brute force.

the boys kill homelander
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In the discussion, it was generally accepted by fans that Soldier Boy would likely be able to defeat Homelander. However, there are doubts surrounding the theory that Cate could use her mind control powers to make the caped supe kill himself. This uncertainty is due to the fact that the extent of her abilities has not been specified.

Additionally, the notion of Neuman “blowing her head up”with her abilities raises similar concerns. Nevertheless, The Boys may find value in enlisting Marie, particularly if she and Neuman are willing to unite their powers in an effort to eliminate Homelander.

Fans have also explored a few potential “brute force”strategies, including one where Queen Maeve’s powerful blows cause him to bleed during Season 3. The theory suggests that a combination of Supes and Temp V soldiers could potentially defeat him.

Moreover, there is speculation that the advanced suit worn by Tek Knight in the comics could potentially be effective against Homelander in the show.

the boys kill homelander
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Including his son, Ryan, in the equation appears to be a promising way to move forward, but The Boys has essentially put the plan on hold due to his young age.

Despite the ongoing discussion about the virus, using a nuke is often deemed unrealistic as Homelander could easily destroy it. However, the idea of nuking his “insides”is frequently brought up.

The act of poisoning the milk he drinks could potentially be effective, as some viewers have already speculated that the seemingly innocent Firecracker could be a Trojan horse in this scenario.

One theory suggests that Ashley is using Firecracker as a weapon against Homelander by getting a Female Supe to take specialized drugs that induce lactation. This would make her milk both addictive and poisonous to Homelander, showcasing Ashley’s genius.

Currently, the fate of Homelander remains unknown as there is no certainty about whether or not he will perish in Season 4. With Season 5 confirmed as the final season of the show, the potential outcomes are vast and varied.

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