Demon Lord, Retry! R announces October premiere with PV

Crunchyroll announced on July 7, 2024 that the release window for Demon Lord, Retry! R will be in October of the same year. Along with a promotional video and a key visual, Crunchyroll also stated that they will be streaming the sequel as soon as it airs.

The anime sequel, titled Demon Lord, Retry!, began airing during the Summer Anime Season of 2019 and was produced by EKACHI EPILKA. However, the animation studio for the sequel will now be switched to Gekkou.

Demon Lord, Retry! R announces October 2024 release window

The promotional video began by introducing Hakuto, the main character, in his pre-reincarnation form. He was shown sitting at his computer until suddenly, the room exploded – the exact moment of his reincarnation into the other world.

The video then transitioned to the following world, featuring clips from the sequel that highlighted the protagonist’s journey in the unexplored realm. It also introduced the other main characters, Aku and Luna, as well as several supporting characters. The video concluded with a teaser of a enigmatic figure with purple hair.

This next installment (Demon Lord, Retry! Ri) will be based on a web manga series, serving as a continuation of the light novel.

In the sequel, there will be changes in the voice casting for certain characters in the series. The lead roles, including Hakuto Kunai, will now be voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda (known for his role as Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen), Aku by Momo Asakura (famous for portraying Ayumi in Charlotte), and Luna by Aina Suzuki (best known for her role as Jashin in Jashin’s Dropkick).

Kentarou Kumagai (known for his role as Laois in Delicious in Dungeon) will voice Zero Kirisame and Wataru Kamada (who played Hiroshi in The Fruits Basket Remake) will voice Isami Tahara. Mirai Tachibana will voice Organ and Minori Suzuki (previously known for her role as a heteromorph woman) will voice Mink.

Demon Lord, Retry! R Overview

Hakuto as seen in the trailer (Image via Gekkou)
Hakuto as seen in the trailer (Image via Gekkou)

“The series Demon Lord, Retry! R follows the story of Hakuto, who was transported into a fantasy world in the isekai genre. After successfully conquering a dangerous dungeon and defeating the monsters within, Hakuto and his companions set out on their next adventure: traveling to the Hellion Territory, the home of powerful Grand Devils.”

Additionally, Hakuto’s group has expanded with the inclusion of Akane Fujisaki. Her most notable trait is her positive attitude, which can occasionally annoy others. With Hakuto’s party now increasing in size, it is yet to be discovered what exciting journeys await them in this magical realm.

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