Destiny 2 New Lights: Left Utterly Lost by Lackluster Newbie Experience

One player who had been thinking about returning to the Destiny franchise has found Destiny 2 to be too difficult, sparking renewed discussion about the game’s new player experience.

The lack of accessibility for new players, also known as New Lights, in Destiny 2 has often been blamed on Bungie’s decision to remove content, confusing user interface, and inadequate guidance.

Given this situation, it is not uncommon for potential New Lights to not remain in the game for long. The introduction of one lapsed Destiny fan on Reddit stated, “As a new player, I am completely confused.”

Upon mentioning that they had experienced the original game up to and including The Taken King and had made the decision to try out its sequel, they remarked, “I wanted to play the DLCs in sequence to fully understand the story, but the menus are incredibly perplexing and lack clear instructions, making it difficult to determine the proper order of events.”

“I attempted to adhere to the quests as they were assigned to me, however, I was quickly immersed into The Pale Heart, engaging with characters whom I had no prior acquaintance or knowledge of,”they added.

destiny 2 cosmodrome

All New Lights start their Destiny 2 journey in the Cosmodrome

The reactions to the original post were varied. Some argued that the story’s sequence would be difficult to comprehend for someone who had to catch up on seven years’ worth of events.

“The frequency of these posts is becoming absurd. The original poster has not played since Taken King was released, which was seven years ago, and now they are asking if they missed anything. Obviously, they missed a significant amount of the story unfolding over the past seven years.”

Some people utilized modern games to argue that New Lights deserve the opportunity to fully experience the game without missing important story elements due to removed content.

One thing to note is that even if I were to start playing Final Fantasy 14 today, the entire game would still be available for me to experience. From beginning to end, I could devote a significant amount of time to it. This may require a considerable time commitment, but it also means that I won’t feel lost and can catch up to other players in a way that is not possible with D2.

During Destiny 2’s lifespan, Bungie has made efforts to enhance the new player experience, but it is uncertain if any additional changes will be implemented in the future.

Are you a returning player yourself?

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