How many people play The First Descendant? Player Count Tracker

The First Descendant has rapidly gained popularity as one of the top games of 2024. However, the question remains: How many individuals are currently playing TFD?

Nexon’s most recent release, The First Descendant, falls into the popular looter shooter category. The game offers a diverse assortment of formidable adversaries, a wide range of weapons to choose from, individual Descendant characters with distinctive skills, epic boss battles, and plenty of fast-paced excitement.

Like Warframe and Destiny 2, this game is completely free-to-play and has attracted a significant number of players. It recently reached its highest number of concurrent players on Steam after a successful Preseason launch.

If you’re curious about the number of players currently engaging in The First Descendant, our player count tracker provides you with the most up-to-date statistics.

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Nexon Games

Over 200K players logged into the game during the first weekend after release.

The First Descendant live player count

At present, The First Descendant has a player count of 136,104 according to the statistics from SteamDB. During its initial release weekend, the game had a peak of 264,860 concurrent players on Steam alone.

On a daily basis, an average of 129,160 individuals play the game. It should be noted that these figures solely reflect the number of PC players, specifically those who access the game through Steam. However, The First Descendant is also accessible on various other platforms, such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Therefore, the combined total playercount would be significantly higher than the aforementioned statistics. However, due to the non-disclosure of figures by PlayStation and Xbox, we are unable to provide precise details.

We will consistently update this page to provide you with an understanding of the game’s growth over time. Therefore, be sure to check back frequently.

If you’re new to The First Descendant, make sure to refer to our Ultimate weapons and character tier lists. These resources will be useful as you begin your journey in The First Descendant.

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