Destiny 2 Players Still Puzzled by Popular Onslaught Feature Removal

Players of Destiny 2 have expressed their disappointment over the removal of various important aspects that were a major factor in the success of Onslaught.

The activity, which was first introduced in Into The Light, gave Guardians the opportunity to obtain both standard and limited edition versions of 12 Brave weapons. While the standard versions remained available after The Final Shape launched, the limited edition versions, which featured unique visuals and additional perk options, were no longer obtainable.

Despite Bungie’s clear indication that limited edition weapons would not be available after the expansion was released, players are still requesting changes to make the activity feel more valuable.

Expressing a “desire”for the reappearance of gleaming Brave weapons in a Reddit discussion, the original poster argued that the current version of Onslaught was “somewhat insignificant”and that the regular Brave weapons alone did not justify farming for them.

Destiny 2 Into The Light Brave arsenal

Shiny Brave weapons were removed from Onslaught loot pools with The Final Shape

Some people shared the author’s perspective, but the general consensus was that the main factor contributing to Onslaught’s decline in viability was the elimination of the Hall of Champions and its corresponding weapon attunement.

“While the disappearance of the shinies does not bother me, the inability to specifically target farm is a concern,”stated one comment.

“Another person agreed, saying that they were okay with shinies no longer existing in the game as it made them more unique. However, the one issue they had with Onslaught currently was the lack of attunement.”

“I agree that the focus is more important to me than the flashy weapons. Despite using the focusing technique, it was still difficult to get the desired roll. However, with the current changes, I am less motivated to continue playing.”

Attuning to any of the 12 Brave weapons in the Hall of Champions provided a significant increase in drop rates for the selected gun. Additionally, after receiving buffs, it ensured at least one more drop upon successfully completing a 50-wave run.

Despite its popularity, Onslaught is dealt an additional blow as it does not provide Pinnacle gear upon weekly completion. This gives little incentive for Guardians who are still striving to reach the 2000 Power Cap.

Bungie has not made any guarantees thus far, but there is a possibility that one or more features of Into The Light may be reinstated in a future patch.

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