Zenless Zone Zero Character Tier List: Best Agents Ranked

Despite Zenless Zone Zero being in only its first version, the game already offers a diverse roster of over 10 characters to choose from for battle. Our tier list will help you determine the most powerful and sought-after characters, some of which are exclusively available through banners.

If you’re uncertain about whether to use free characters such as Corin and Nicole, or to invest time in collecting Master Tapes to unlock Ellen or Anton in a Signal Search, here’s how they each contribute to the current meta.

Zenless Zone Zero character rating list

Tier Characters
S Ellen, Lycaon, Rina
A Grace, Nekomata, Nicole, Lucy, Soldier 11, Soukaku
B Piper, Koleda, Anby, Anton
C Ben, Billy, Corin

Who is the Best Character in Zenless Zone Zero?

Ellen is the top-tier DPS character that we highly recommend using due to her significant advantage over others. On the other hand, if you’re in need of an exceptional Support, Rina is currently the best choice in the meta.

Our Tiers Explained

The rankings for each of our tiers work in the following manner: here is a concise explanation.

  • S: The top-rated characters currently in the game
  • A: Top-tier characters who are also worth investing in
  • B: Situational characters that work in very specific situations
  • C: Characters you should avoid unless you are short on other units (or if you really like them!)

Intermediate Guide to Machine Learning

S-tier Characters in Zenless Zone Zero

Intermediate Guide to Machine Learning


A screenshot of Ellen from the character menu
Ellen Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Ellen Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

As we previously noted, Ellen Joe, also known as Ellen, is currently the top-performing DPS unit in the game. Her Ultimate is incredibly strong and can easily defeat all types of content, from early to end-game. Additionally, her Dash attack deals considerable damage against the current variety of enemies.

Ellen’s greatest strength lies in her mobility, allowing her to easily evade enemy attacks and quickly close the gap. Additionally, when placed on a team with Ice-based characters, she becomes even more formidable, utilizing her Rising Storm Core Skill to boost her own damage output.

This is a comprehensive guide to the optimal build for Ellen.


A screenshot of Lycaon from the character menu
Lycaon Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Lycaon Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Lycaon is an Ice unit with a heavy emphasis on stunning, making him the most effective debuffer in the game. His Core Skill, Metallic Paws, is able to decrease the Ice DMG Res of enemies by 25%, solidifying his position as a crucial unit to team up with Ellen, the top DPS in the game.

Besides his debuff ability, Lycaon also possesses a strong personal damage output thanks to his Core Skill Elegant Predator. This special skill grants him a 35% damage boost against Stunned enemies, making it useful for quickly eliminating weakened targets. Furthermore, he is able to inflict significant Daze damage on his foes.

Read on for an in-depth guide on the optimal build for Lycaon.

Rina’s Favorite Things

A screenshot of Rina from the character menu
Rina Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Rina Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Without a doubt, Rina is the top Support unit in Zenless Zone Zero and an essential addition to any team. Her Core Skill, Mini Destruction Partner, is her greatest asset as it boosts the PEN Ratio of all party members.

This translates to all units dealing higher damage to enemies, which is crucial in a game where bosses possess considerable health. Furthermore, her Dodge skill is exceptionally superior, granting her the ability to bypass enemies unscathed.

Rina is a highly versatile individual who is able to thrive in any team setting. However, for those seeking a more specialized team, she excels in Electric units. Her Banquet of Perfection Core Skill not only prolongs the Shock status on enemies, but also significantly boosts the amount of Electric damage dealt.

This is a comprehensive guide to the optimal build for Rina.

A-tier Characters in Zenless Zone Zero


A screenshot of Grace from the character menu
Grace Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Grace Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Grace is a formidable character and currently holds the title of best Electric DPS in the game. One of the main factors contributing to her excellence is her ability to inflict damage even when not actively in battle. This makes her a valuable addition to rotational teams, where frequent character switching is necessary to maintain a consistent level of damage output.

Moreover, Grace has a relatively low energy demand, making it much easier to prepare a build for her. She is also an excellent partner for Rina, and together, they can effortlessly tackle even the toughest challenges in the game. The only drawback to using Grace is that her rotations can be complex and require precise timing.

This is our comprehensive guide for finding the optimal build for Grace.


A screenshot of Nekomata from the character menu
Nekomata Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Nekomata Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Nekomata’s abilities are often underestimated in Zenless Zone Zero, despite her skill in dealing AoE damage. While other units may prioritize single-target attacks, Nekomata shines in situations where multiple smaller enemies must be confronted. This makes her a valuable asset in a significant portion of the game.

Moreover, her agility and speed are unmatched, allowing her to effortlessly evade enemy attacks. Her Quick Attacks and Dodge Counter also provide a significant boost to her damage output. For those facing difficulties with mobs in the game, Nekomata is the perfect character. Nevertheless, her lack of specialized Physical Support hinders her from reaching the S-tier.


A screenshot of Nicole from the character menu
Nicole Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Nicole Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Without a doubt, Nicole is one of the most effective crowd-control units in Zenless Zone Zero. Her EX Special Attack has the ability to gather smaller enemies together and inflict Ether damage upon them. Additionally, her passive ability, Mechanical Case, can reduce the enemy’s DEF by 20%.

Ultimately, Nicole’s status as a free character allows her to be easily accessible, and when paired with her usefulness, she becomes a formidable asset in almost any group. The only drawback is that her crowd-control ability is ineffective against powerful bosses and larger adversaries.

Childhood Memories of Lucy

A screenshot of Lucy from the character menu
Lucy Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Lucy is a versatile Support unit capable of fitting into various team compositions. Her special skill allows her to summon Guard Boars to inflict damage on enemies outside of combat. Moreover, her EX Special Attack boosts the ATK of all allies in the party.

In the end, once she has switched, she is able to restore 10 Energy for the entire party and 20 Energy for the next character. This skill greatly aids in maintaining the team’s Energy Regen, particularly when facing high Energy costs. However, her summoned Boars may struggle to keep up with speedy enemies, making it her only vulnerability.

Soldier 11

A screenshot of Soldier 11 from character menu
Soldier 11 Base stats from Zenless Zone Zero
Soldier 11 Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Soldier 11 is widely considered to be the top Fire DPS unit in the game. This character is known for her uncomplicated playstyle and ability to inflict heavy damage upon foes. She is user-friendly and her attacks are particularly effective against Stunned enemies, making her a valuable addition to any team, especially when paired with characters such as Lucy, Nicole, and Rina.

Regrettably, Soldier 11 is facing the challenge of having no committed teammates as she is the sole character representing the Obol Squad faction in Zenless Zone Zero. If this problem is addressed in upcoming updates, she has the potential to reach S-tier status.


A screenshot of Soukaku from the character menu
Soukaku Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Soukaku Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

One of the top Support characters in the Zenless Zone Zero roster is Soukaku, an Ice unit. She possesses a unique ability to use her Vortex stacks to greatly boost her own attack power.

This ATK buff can be passed on to the next character by utilizing Quick Assists. Additionally, she can enhance the damage of Ice characters, making her a valuable member of teams that include Ellen and Lycaon. Her ability to freeze enemies is particularly useful in challenging battles. The only drawback is that it may take some time to consume the Vortex stacks.

Our comprehensive guide on the optimal build for Soukaku can be found here.

B-tier Characters in Zenless Zone Zero


A screenshot of Piper from the character menu
Piper Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Piper presents a mixed bag for utilities in Zenless Zone Zero. By collecting enough stacks, she can boost the entire team’s damage output while also increasing her own Anomaly buildup.

Piper is able to utilize her Ultimate and EX Special Attack to achieve this. Additionally, she has the ability to decrease the amount of damage she receives from her opponents. Despite these advantageous skills, Piper often spends a significant amount of time on the field collecting stacks.

Being a debuffer, she takes up valuable field time from the DPS, which is detrimental when trying to complete timed encounters. Therefore, she is not particularly useful in practical situations.


A screenshot of Koleda from the character menu
Koleda Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Koleda Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Koleda, a unit in Zenless Zone Zero, specializes in Stun attacks and serves as a primary DPS in the game. Her abilities include inflicting Daze damage and boosting the Chain Attack DMG for the entire party. However, her main role as a DPS is also her biggest limitation.

The reason for this is that an Attack unit is more effective at fulfilling the role of a DPS compared to a Stun unit. Additionally, Koleda’s performance is optimized when she is paired with Ben, further decreasing the party’s overall damage output.

Due to its underwhelming performance, Koleda is not recommended unless you have a shortage of Attack units.


A screenshot of Anby from the character menu
Anby Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Anby shares similar concerns as Koleda when it comes to her potential in the meta. Like Koleda, she is a Stun-focused character who deals significant Daze damage and serves as a sub-DPS thanks to her Ultimate’s strong scaling. Furthermore, she is capable of replenishing her own Energy.

Despite being a debuffer, Anby does not offer any additional abilities or skills, greatly limiting her usefulness. However, one advantage of Anby is that she is free and can be utilized from the start of the game until stronger units are acquired.


A screenshot of Anton from the character menu
Anton Base stats from Zenless Zone Zero
Anton Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Anton is a Lightning Attack unit who is hindered by his heavy dependence on one particular skill. His Burst Mode is the sole source of his damage, which can be detrimental to the rest of the party. In Zenless Zone Zero, the characters must utilize their entire skillset to effectively combat enemies.

Despite this, the entire team must make sure that Anton’s Burst Mode remains active by replenishing his Energy. Furthermore, it is crucial to focus on building high Crit stats for him to ensure that his Burst Mode is utilized effectively.

As a result, Anton’s effectiveness is heavily dependent on the situation and he often struggles to fit into the larger meta.

C-tier Characters in Zenless Zone Zero


A screenshot of Ben from the character menu
Ben Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Ben is a unique character who specializes in providing shields in the game. He is the sole Defense-oriented unit available and can be obtained at no cost. However, Ben’s usefulness is limited in the current meta of Zenless Zone Zero as shields are not necessary.

The majority of top-tier units possess a kit that either inflicts high levels of damage or offers a variety of buffs and debuffs. Ben, on the other hand, only provides shields and his slow attacks are not as effective. Furthermore, he works best alongside Koleda, who is currently considered a lackluster unit. Therefore, Ben’s presence on your team can be detrimental in almost any scenario.


A screenshot of Billy from the character menu
Billy Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero
Billy Mindscape Cinema in Zenless Zone Zero

Billy is currently considered one of the weakest Physical Attack units in the game. His main advantage is his ability to attack from a distance, but he has a flaw that requires him to remain stationary while dealing damage. Moving even slightly can result in a 25% decrease in his damage output.

In Zenless Zone Zero, dealing damage without moving is a difficult task due to the aggressive nature of most enemies. Furthermore, Billy’s scaling is not as effective as other Attack units in the game, resulting in sub-par damage numbers.

Despite receiving him for free, he is not a worthwhile investment.


A screenshot of Corin from the character menu
Corin Base stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Corin, a unit in Zenless Zone Zero, specializes in Physical Attacks. However, her damage potential is lacking compared to other units. She excels in single-target attacks, making her ideal for boss battles. Nevertheless, there are superior Attack units that can fulfill this role with greater efficiency.

Corin’s scaling may be lacking and her handling may feel awkward, but she does have the benefit of being available for free as a pre-registration bonus. However, as you acquire stronger Attack units, it is recommended to replace Corin with them.

Ultimately, the absence of Physical Support further hinders Corin’s performance.

If you are interested in learning more, here is an overview of the most recent codes and Twitch drops available, as well as information on whether controller support is offered for the game.

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