Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid Walkthrough: How to Finish All Encounters

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge is a Raid that involves storming The Witness’ monolith and weakening his grasp on the Traveler as part of the campaign’s story. The Raid is divided into several encounters, each featuring distinct bosses.

A guide for each encounter in Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid, located in The Final Shape, is provided below.

How to Clear Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid

The Salvation’s Edge Raid in Destiny 2 consists of five encounters.

  • Substratum: Gain Access to the Monolith
  • Dissipation: Herald of Finality
  • Repository: Carve a Path
  • Verity: See Beyond
  • Zenith: The Witness

How to Successfully Complete the Substratum Encounter in Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid

The Substratum is the initial encounter that players will face in the Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid. It serves as an introduction to the Resonance deposition mechanic, which will be utilized in all subsequent encounters.

This encounter takes place in a room that is arranged in a 3×3 grid. To simplify the mechanics, you can refer to the following nomenclature.

L1 Top R1
L2 Mid R2
L3 Bottom R3

To clarify, the Mid room is both the spawn location for the Resonance box and the starting point for the encounter. The Bottom room is designated as the Rally Banner spot. With these two points of reference, identify the remaining rooms.

With the exception of Mid, all of the other rooms contain a pillar and a plate with two wires protruding from it. These plates will have a crucial role in this encounter.

To initiate the encounter, it is necessary for all six players to gather in the center room and have the first Resonance spawn. The Resonance should then be retrieved and deposited in the central box in order to commence the encounter.

Upon the start of the encounter, The Witness’ hand will materialize in front of the Top room and a timer displaying the message “The Final Shape looms”will appear. This will coincide with the opening of two rooms, which are always situated next to each other on the same side.

Destiny 2 Substratum encounter.

The Witness’ hand is seen in almost every encounter.

You will know the rooms are available for entry when Supplicants begin to emerge from them. Form two groups of three and proceed into the rooms. Eliminate all the enemies and then defeat the shielded Hydra to unlock the door to the next room.

Continue following this process until you reach the fourth room and successfully defeat the Overload Champion that appears. It should be noted that there will be two Overload Champions in the final two rooms, but defeating one will cause the other to disappear.

Make a note of this room and return to Mid as a Tormentor has appeared there. Defeat the Tormentor and then repeat the same steps. However, before going back to Mid, make sure to eliminate all Hydras in the arena or it will be challenging to proceed to the next part of the encounter.

After defeating the second Tormentor, all doors will unlock if you successfully eliminate all the Hydras. You will then see that the plates in the rooms where the Overload Champions were defeated are now glowing.

When a player steps on the plate, it will send a pulse through one of the wires connected to it. To determine which room the pulse is going into, one player should go to that room while a third player stands between the two rooms to assist with eliminating any enemies.

The goal is to continuously exchange a pulse between the two plates for a total of three times. The glowing plate should be stepped on to start the pulse. The player standing on the receiving plate must promptly step on it as soon as the pulse reaches them in order to bounce it back.

Every time you do this, you will summon one Resonance in every room. However, if you miscalculate the timing, a Subjugator will appear in the room, requiring you to restart the process.

Provided that you have properly stepped on the plates, the recipient must collect all three Resonances that appear in their room, shoot the illuminated pillar, and then stand on the plate for the third time when the pulse is directed to their plate.

The Resonance box in Destiny 2.

You need to deposit the Resonance in this box to start the encounter.

As the recipient, if you have correctly completed the task, the pillar will emit a bright golden glow. Activating both pillars will summon a Subjugator boss in the middle area that must be defeated. Once you have defeated the boss, the Resonance box will reappear and you will need to deposit all of your collected Resonances into it.

It is important to mention that there are four resonances that appear in every room. Therefore, the player responsible for eliminating enemies must also collect one. This is because, as the receiver, successfully locking down a pillar will result in the loss of one Resonance stack.

To successfully complete this task, you must place 12 Resonance pieces into the box located in the center room and continue the encounter until all eight pillars have been secured. It is important to remember that each player can only collect a maximum of three stacks of Resonance at a time. Collecting more than three will result in immediate death.

Destiny 2: How to Beat the Herald of Finality Boss in the Dissipation Encounter

To complete the second encounter in the Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid, you must defeat the Herald of Finality. This stage serves as a DPS check for the Raid, so ensure that you have an adequate arsenal of weapons to inflict damage on the boss.

In order to begin the encounter, the Blight in the middle must be shot. The arena is divided into three sections: Left, Mid, and Right. Therefore, form teams of two and each team should take control of one section.

Each section will now encounter a Trammel boss, with options such as a Taken Ogre, Wizard, or Centurion. After defeating the boss, the Herald of Finality will randomly choose one player to be summoned to a pit where they will have the exclusive ability to damage the boss, aided by the “Call to Reckoning”buff.

To summon a Blight, shoot the boss in the head and then eliminate it by shooting at it. After the Blight has been defeated, shoot at the Herald of Finality until its head cracks and you acquire the “Stolen Favor”buff.

Next, return to your plates and observe that the conductor pillar is now illuminated with a symbol above it. You must collect the corresponding Resonance in order to secure it.

In this situation, there will be two distinct Resonance shapes to encounter: Spherical and Pyramidal. To generate the Resonance, stand on the plates within your designated sections, and then select and shoot the corresponding pillar to lock it in place. However, be cautious of which Resonance you choose to pick up if you intend to lock down the pillar.

Witness Monolith.

You need to scale the monolith to get to the different encounters.

If you find yourself in a situation where you require Pyramidal Resonance to lock the pillar, but you already have two Spherical Resonances, you can obtain a third Pyramidal Resonance to convert all your charges into that type and successfully shoot the pillar.

Once all three pillars have been locked, the Resonance box will appear in the center. You must then deposit the charges into this box, which will extend the timer and initiate the damage phase. However, the boss will eventually become immune again, requiring you to repeat the process.

When you deplete the remaining health, you will initiate the final stage. Clear this health and you will have successfully completed this encounter.

How to Complete the Repository Encounter in Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid

In Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid, this encounter is the most straightforward. The plate mechanic is still a factor, as spawning Resonances requires it. However, this encounter introduces two new types of Resonances: Cubed and Hexahedral.

The room consists of three levels and three pillars that must be locked. On each level, a Tormentor will spawn. By defeating the Tormentor, the plates surrounding the pillars will be unlocked. The player who deals the final blow to the enemy will receive the “Stolen Valor”buff.

The player who possesses the buff will have the ability to identify which Resonance symbol is needed to close each pillar. Once all three pillars have been locked by generating Resonance on the plates, the Resonance box will appear in the center. The player can then deposit all collected buffs into the box.

After depositing all the buffs in the designated box, an Unstoppable Incendior and a few smaller enemies will appear. Defeat them to progress to the next level. This process must be repeated for all three levels, and successfully completing it on the third level will conclude the encounter.

Remember that failing to step on the plate or not reaching it in time while generating the Resonances will cause the plates to stop glowing and trigger the spawning of a Subjugator. Defeat this enemy to reset the mechanic and continue.

Destiny 2: Salvation’s Edge Verity Encounter Walkthrough

The Verity encounter, which is considered the most challenging in the entire Raid, may require a significant amount of time to become familiar with. Many Raid teams struggled at this stage during the Day 1 Raid Race.

The meeting occurs in a white room containing podiums, each displaying a statue of one of the Guardians in your fireteam.

Prior to beginning this encounter, it is important to confirm that each of the six Guardians have distinct armor cosmetics. This will aid in quickly identifying which statue corresponds to each Guardian. Additionally, be sure to have unique Ghost shells as they will be useful in the later stages of the encounter.

Begin the encounter by approaching the front of the room and engaging with the three statues positioned there. These statues symbolize the three Guardians who will be teleported into the individual chambers.

The Verity encounter Destiny 2.

The Verity encounter is the most complex one in the Raid and in the game as a whole.

In the solo rooms, players will have the ability to view 2D symbols on the hands of the three Guardian statues present in the room. They can utilize the chat to record the symbols in the correct order from left to right. These symbols will consist of a circle, triangle, or square, and if they appear in the specified sequence, players should enter CTS in the chat.

This situation requires ample communication as the only way to exit the individual room is by creating a 3D object using the 2D shapes that your character statue is not holding. For instance, if your statue is holding a circle, you will need to combine a square and a triangle to form the desired 3D shape.

In order to obtain these shapes, you must defeat the orange bar Boomer Knights inside the solo rooms. However, if the team outside has not properly dissected the statues, the shapes will not spawn for you. We will discuss this section in more detail later on.

Suppose you require a square and a triangle, but the Boomer Knights are only dropping circles. In this case, you must send the circle to another player in a different room who needs it. To achieve this, you must pick up the circle when the Knight drops it and then interact with the statue of the player who requires it.

By looking at the screen at the back of your room, you will be able to determine the symbols that your Boomer Knights will drop. The screen will continuously alternate between two shapes. After gathering the necessary two shapes, they will combine into a 3D shape, allowing you to exit the solo room through the shattered wall at the back.

The exterior may seem a bit complicated as they will be viewing a 3D representation of your statue. Nevertheless, they must ensure that the 3D shape on your statue matches the 3D shape you are attempting to create inside the solo room.

Therefore, communicate to the players outside the plan to eliminate a particular shape, and they must overcome the formidable Unstoppable Ogres in order for the Boomer Knights to appear. After defeating the Knight and retrieving the targeted shape, they must then go to your statue and disassemble it.

The verity encounter in Destiny 2

Once you’ve finished this encounter you’ll get access to the final boss fight.

After killing a Boomer Knight, the player must retrieve another shape for someone else’s dissection. They will then need to interact with their statue to perform the dissection, which will ultimately swap the shapes with the other statue.

At this point, you will have one fully completed statue and other statues that are incomplete. Continue following the same steps for the remaining statues, and the exterior segment of the statues will be finished.

Once you have changed six switches in the solo room, The Witness will become aware of your progress and will result in the death of all players in the solo rooms. At this stage, your teammates in the outside room will be able to witness your Ghost. This is where the usage of distinct Ghost shells becomes significant.

In order to revive you and return you to battle, your Ghost will need to be picked up and placed on your statue. If you are deceased, you can examine your living teammates and locate the highlighted Guardian on the glowing pedestals at the rear of the room.

It is necessary for you to give them directions on where to position each Ghost. This will revive you and allow you to resume making shapes inside the room. Once you have successfully exited the room, five Guardians will once again experience a fake death. You will then need to use the Ghosts to revive them, just as you did before.

Upon completion, you will be able to progress to the final encounter of the Destiny 2 Salvation’s End Raid.

Tips for Defeating The Witness in Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid

To successfully complete the final encounter of the Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid, it is essential to split the team into two runners and four ad clearers. Given the large number of ads that appear during this encounter, it is crucial to constantly keep the area clear.

As a runner, you will encounter three distinct buffs that must be collected. These buffs are granted by three Witness hands that appear from the sky, ground, and wall. Each hand provides a different buff, as outlined below:

  • Ground hand: Circle buff (Orange)
  • Sky hand: Triangle buff (Green)
  • Wall hand: Square buff (Red)

The pattern on the floor will be determined by the hand that spawns. You should enter this pattern, remain for a moment, and then exit. Failure to do so will result in damage and ultimately lead to death.

To defeat the ground hand, stand in the circle and shoot the bracelet. It will display a color, which you can use to determine the corresponding buff from the list above. Make sure to stand in the shape associated with the buff when The Witness performs its attack.

After obtaining the correct buff, you must return to the circle attack zone and shoot the bracelet once more to defeat the Ground Hand. This will grant you the Glyphbreaker buff.

Witness Destiny 2 final boss

Defeating The Witness can be a tough task in the Raid.

With the current buff, make your way to the small island located in front of The Witness during the Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid. Once there, stand in the Fount of Light and shoot one of the buttons on The Witness. If you happen to be clearing ads and unintentionally pick up a Resonance buff, wait until the runner reaches the Fount of Light. Then, join them in destroying the button on The Witness to remove your buff.

Occasionally, a notification may appear stating, “The Witness is testing you.”As a result, the boss will release a grid of cruxes, and you must replicate the pattern of the previous shot by eliminating the incorrect ones. The patterns are as follows:

  • If the last shot arm was a square: Shoot all the cruxes on the inside to form a square
  • If the last shot arm was a circle: Form a diamond structure by shooting all the cruxes except the middle ones on the four edges
  • If the last shot arm was a triangle: Shoot the cruxes on the outside and the inside to create a triangle

If you are able to accomplish this task, The Witness will forcefully slam his hands onto the ground, signaling the start of the damage phase. However, if you are unsuccessful, you will perish and be forced to restart the entire encounter.

The Witness will attack you during the damage phase, therefore it is important to know how to predict its attack.

  • If the left hand glows: Diagonal attack coming in from the left side
  • If the right hand glows: Diagonal attack coming in from the right side
  • If both his hands glow: Jump up because he’ll slam the ground

Once you have caused sufficient damage, The Witness will begin to retreat, forcing you to step off the central plate to avoid being thrown off and killed. From here on, it is a matter of repeating the process.

In conclusion, the above provides all the necessary information on how to successfully defeat The Witness and finish the Salvation’s Edge Raid in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

Included below is a comprehensive list of rewards that you will receive upon successfully completing all encounters. Additionally, learn how you can obtain Still Hunt, a highly effective Sniper Rifle for all DPS phases.

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