Logan Paul Defeats Bradley Martyn in Secret MMA Bout

The long-standing feud between YouTube stars Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn was finally resolved through a secret, unsanctioned MMA fight. Logan claims that he was able to “humble”his rival during the match.

Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn have been discussing the possibility of a fight for a considerable amount of time. The first rumors emerged in 2020 when Paul publicly offered $10K to any influencer who could defeat him in a wrestling match. Martyn, who had expressed interest in a potential bout, was deemed a worthy opponent by Paul.

Four years later, their plans to fight have finally come to fruition…however, it did not take place in a public event on a grand scale like that of Jake Paul.

Instead, the two influencers decided to settle their differences in a private MMA match at Martyn’s Zoo Culture gym. The fight was not recorded, giving them the opportunity to resolve their issues without any onlookers or external pressure.

After the fight, Mike Majlak, who is also a friend and co-host of Paul’s podcast, posted a video of the two YouTubers hugging, both looking content with the outcome.

“Paul congratulated his opponent enthusiastically, saying “Great job!”He also added, “Thanks for letting that happen, bro. It’s just guys being guys, you know.”

Despite numerous requests from fans to “leak the CCTV footage,”Majlak asserted that “Brad intentionally disconnected all of the cameras,”revealing that he was equally eager to obtain the video. He described it as “a classic move.”

In a subsequent post, Paul shared more details about their fight and claimed that he had “humbled a bodybuilder in a fist fight.”It appears that he was ultimately the victor.

It is no shock to fans that this result was achieved, given the YouTuber’s previous participation in boxing matches against opponents such as KSI and Floyd Mayweather, as well as his involvement in the WWE.

This signifies the apparent end of his ongoing conflict with Martyn, which has a lengthy past. In 2023, the two clashed when Martyn expressed his desire for Jake Paul to lose his fight against Nate Diaz, leading Logan to publicly criticize the YouTuber for his hurtful remarks towards his younger brother in a passionate outburst.

Shortly after, Martyn proposed a physical confrontation with Paul, inviting him to “meet me at my gym, without any cameras or content…we can simply fight in front of Zoo Culture.”

As stipulated by Martyn, this fight has finally taken place one year later, effectively bringing an end to their feud once and for all.

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