The Atypical Family fans believe they know what happened to Gwi-ju in the finale.

In The Atypical Family finale, Gwi-ju’s fate was sealed when his mother’s premonition came to fruition. However, fans are still puzzled, trying to understand the mechanics behind Gwi-ju’s death and subsequent return.

The Bok family and Da-hae were aware of Gwi-ju’s imminent death, and in the finale, this prediction comes to fruition when a fire breaks out at In-a’s school, prompting him to travel back in time. In order to protect his daughter and Da-hae in the present, he manages to rescue Da-hae during her own school fire in the past.

Despite being able to prevent harm in the past, he ultimately perishes in the fire, resulting in his death in the present. The Atypical Family finale adds a twist by jumping five years into the future.

Thanks to Bok Nu-ri’s ability to retrieve lost items, Gwi-ju and Da-hae were able to have a son. Fans have speculated that Nu-ri used his powers to go back in time and rescue his father from the school fire, ultimately saving Da-hae’s life.

Gwi-ju’s miraculous return requires a thorough explanation, as fans must understand the mechanics behind it.

According to a fan on X/Twitter, Gwi-joo is considered “dead”in the present time, which is why he is trapped in the past. This is because he was never supposed to exist in the first place, preventing him from returning and causing him to wander through time.

His son possesses the ability to retrieve objects from the past that have been lost. Due to Gwi-joo’s presence in a time period where he was not supposed to exist, he is considered a missing entity of the past. In summary, Gwi-joo was summoned to the present by his son, thus explaining his current existence.

A different viewer remarked, “I think the reason no one was present during the talent show fire was because Gwi-ju had traveled to the past. And since Gwi-ju’s son took him to the future (as seen from Gwi-ju’s point of view), he couldn’t return to the present (during the talent show fire)??!!”

In theory, Gwi-ju’s existence in the present is impossible because he was never meant to exist. His death in the past and the evolution of his powers prevent him from returning to his present timeline, leaving him trapped or lost.

Having the ability to retrieve lost items, his son was able to locate his father in the past. This version of Gwi-ju is intriguing.

It has been speculated that one of the reasons why Gwi-ju was unable to return to the present timeline was not only due to his inability, but also because his son emerged instead. Nu-ri appears just before Gwi-ju’s death and transports him 18 years into the future.

Ultimately, Nu-ri managed to retrieve the Gwi-ju from the present and then traveled back in time to rescue Da-hae, resulting in their current existence in the future.

The Atypical Family can be accessed on Netflix, allowing viewers to watch additional time travel K-dramas, discover the events of Lovely Runner, and see what Netflix has planned for 2024.

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