Detailed Information on Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Salvation’s Edge Raid: Perks, Exotics & More

“The Final Shape Salvation’s Edge raid for Destiny 2 was launched on June 7, 2024, and included a 48-hour Contest Mode. Below is a compilation of all the perks and Exotics that are prohibited for use in this latest raid.”

Contest mode raids are highly regarded as the most prestigious activities in Destiny 2. Fireteams from around the globe strive to be the first to successfully complete every encounter within a 24-hour time frame, all in pursuit of the coveted title of World’s First. Additionally, players also aim to finish within 48 hours in order to earn the exclusive Contest mode emblem.

In order to ensure fairness, Bungie strictly forbids the use of any exploits or unfair advantages in the race. Contest mode raids are designed to test the skills of the most dedicated players, and the Salvation’s Edge raid is considered the pinnacle of Destiny, with its ultimate showdown against the Witness. As a result, Bungie will undoubtedly push Guardians to their limits, making it a truly challenging experience.

Below is a comprehensive list of items that will not be allowed for use during the upcoming Salvation’s Edge raid. This information will help you determine which items are prohibited while Contest Mode is in effect.

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2

Bungie has released a list of banned equipment ahead of Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge raid.

Disabled Equipment for Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge Raid

The TWID on June 6, 2024, announced that certain perks, Exotics, and fragments would be disabled. Bungie has confirmed that these items will be prohibited in Salvation’s Edge’s Contest Mode.

Weapon Perks

  • Cascade Point – This weapon’s rate of fire is increased for a brief period of time when achieving final blows or sustained precision hits with a different weapon.
  • Magnificent Howl – The total number of precision final blows before reloading impacts the amount of rounds granted with heightened range and damage. With Magnificent Howl activated, each precision final blow extends the duration of the effect for additional rounds.
  • Relentless Strikes – If three light-attack hits are successfully executed within a shorter timeframe, Sword ammo will be granted.

Types of Exotic Animals

  • Lucky Pants (Hunter Exotic) allows for increased damage when using a fully loaded Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic damage or a damage type that aligns with your equipped Super. Each hit from the Hand Cannon will boost the damage of the next shot against a target for a brief period.

Aspects and Fragments

  • The Hunter Prismatic Fragment, known as the “Facet of Command”, allows for reloading of equipped weapons and enhances weapon stability, aim assist, and airborne effectiveness when a target is frozen or suppressed.
  • The Hunter Prismatic Aspect known as “Ascension”allows you to summon your Arc Staff while in the air by using your class ability energy. This will propel you upward and create a burst of energy that boosts your allies and shocks your enemies.


  • Bounty progress disabled
  • Weapon level-up progress disabled

The majority of disabled items here are known for their exceptional damage output. Lucky Pants Exotic enables hunters to deal immense damage without consuming ammo, while the combination of Cascade Point and Bait and Switch perks make Edge Transit a highly formidable weapon. In addition, the disabling of bounty and weapon level-up progress is intended to alleviate strain on servers.

During the 48-hour Contest Mode, these bans will only be in effect. The Facet of Command fragment will be re-enabled on June 9, while the rest will be unlocked on June 11. You will still be able to equip weapons with the banned perks and Exotics during this time.

It should be noted that their effects cannot be activated. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that this list may expand as the community uncovers new information before the launch of the raid. Please be assured that we will provide updates if there are any modifications.

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