Players Express Displeasure with Season 4 Endgame’s Underwhelming Legendary Items in Diablo 4

Now that the excitement has settled from the Loot Reborn update in Diablo 4 Season 4, players are delving into the endgame grind. However, those who have reached this stage have observed some issues with the frequency of Legendary items dropping and their overall lack of value.

Overall, players have responded positively to Diablo 4 Season 4. The introduction of the Loot Reborn update, Tempering, revamped Helltides, and Greater Affixes for increased build diversity have fulfilled the loot grinding desires of many.

Despite most players eventually settling into one specific build, the journey of how they reach that point and fine-tune it to their desired specifications has been an enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, as individuals began reaching the highest level of loot acquisition, complications began to arise.

Despite the high drop rate, the majority of legendary items found in Pit 100 or at a high Threat level on Helltides are not worth pursuing. In fact, it is common for endgame screens to be filled with these obsolete and downgraded items.

My stash is full and maiden keeps spawning byu/EspinhoWind2 indiablo4

Despite one user’s comment that “98% of that is complete trash,”it may be beneficial to think about selling or scrapping these Legendaries for gold. After all, Season 4 requires a consistent gold grind.

Despite the inconvenience, it is difficult to part with these legendary items as there is currently no way to efficiently salvage or sell them. The process of optimizing your loot and maximizing its value can be quite laborious.

However, why do legendary items that are dropped seem to be of lower quality than the loot obtained by the player, even when completing the most challenging endgame tasks?

Although higher tier difficulties increase the drop rate of Legendaries in general, they do not affect how frequently high rolls on Affixes are obtained.

According to a Reddit user, I have been playing D4 intensely with two characters and am disappointed that the most effective method for obtaining GA x1,2,3’s involves spending 30 minutes on the Helltide Blood Maiden and then searching for chests. It is incredibly frustrating to spend hours grinding Pit 100’s and Helltides only to find x2-3 GA’s below 925 drop rates while farming for feeder bosses for materials.

For console players, this is an even greater issue as they have limited options for organizing their loot. The abundance of Legendaries on the ground becomes a challenge without the ability to sell or scrap them in bulk, a problem already faced on PC and magnified when using a controller.

“After seeing the numerous Legendaries scattered on screen, one player commented that this amount of loot would be a nightmare on console.”

Blizzard Entertainment

The issue is exacerbated by “bricked”Legendary items, which refers to when a player exhausts all opportunities to Temper the Affixes on their weapon. With only 5 rerolls available per weapon, players who are left with undesirable Affixes on their Legendaries are left in a disadvantageous position.

Despite this, you are still required to sift through all the Legendary loot that is dropped in hopes of finding an item that closely matches what you desire and also has a chance of obtaining optimal GAs. Unfortunately, the majority of what you will come across is low-quality items.

It’s important to keep in mind that this issue only affects those who are attempting to optimize their equipment and take on the most challenging content in the endgame.

Many players believe that Loot Reborn is a significant improvement compared to Diablo 4’s initial release, especially with the addition of other systems such as Masterworking, Helltides Reborn, and the Pit of Artificers. However, there is a general consensus that some adjustments are needed for the loot overhaul.

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