Diablo 4 Players Slam Disappointing Half-Baked Anniversary Event

It has officially been a year since Diablo 4 was released, and to commemorate this milestone, the developers have launched special anniversary events and rewards that will be available until the end of June. However, despite the initial anticipation for the event, players are feeling let down by its seemingly rushed release.

The March of the Goblins, an annual event for Diablo 4, will be available until June 20. During this event, players have the opportunity to acquire new cosmetics for both themselves and their mounts, as well as increased gold and XP bonuses. However, upon its release, some players have expressed disappointment in the event’s offerings.

The launch of the anniversary event with some bugs and the announcement of a delay for the Mother’s Blessing event caused problems for players.

The primary concern was that Goblins were not appearing as frequently as expected, and even when they did, they did not drop significant loot. In a post on X, Adam Fletcher, the Community Lead for Diablo, mentioned that the developers were investigating the issue.

“Our team conducted further research on our frugal goblins. We discovered some areas that need to be addressed and others that require improvement. The team will be conducting tests tonight, and a hotfix with accompanying notes will be released tomorrow morning.”

The players were disappointed by the unimpressive loot and delayed XP event. They had high expectations and some even expressed their desire for the anniversary to feature more new content with greater effort put into it.

“According to ‘javiergame4’ on Reddit, the one year anniversary for Diablo 4 feels underwhelming and lacking in special content. In comparison, Diablo Immortal has a fully developed event for their own anniversary. Could it be because Diablo 4 does not have enough players willing to spend large amounts of money? The current Goblin event seems to be a minimal effort in comparison.”

Despite the differing opinions, some players believed that the changes made by the developers to the base game took precedence over the anniversary celebrations. Nevertheless, the majority of fans felt that Blizzard could have put in more effort to make the anniversary event more thrilling for players.

“According to another player, this event was essentially a disappointment and underwhelming. They could have taken advantage of the opportunity to do more.”

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