The Best Villain of All Time Set to Make Long-Awaited Comeback on Netflix

Make sure to keep your pants and toy trains nearby — Feathers McGraw, the greatest villain of all time, is breaking out of jail and making his way to Netflix.

Despite the fact that another Wallace & Gromit film, titled Vengeance Most Fowl, has been announced, there are still many highly anticipated movies yet to be released this year. This further proves that there is a plethora of great films to look forward to in the upcoming months.

With a title now in hand, there is another major reveal waiting for us – the infamous villain Feathers McGraw will play a pivotal role in the new storyline, solidifying their place as the greatest villain of all time.

According to the synopsis of the movie, Gromit’s fears about Wallace’s reliance on his inventions are confirmed when Wallace creates a ‘smart gnome’ that appears to have a malicious mind of its own.

“If it is revealed that a vengeful individual from the past is orchestrating events, Gromit must confront malevolent powers and rescue his owner, otherwise Wallace’s ability to invent may be lost forever!”

Fans in the UK can look forward to watching the movie on the BBC this Christmas. However, for international fans, there is also something to celebrate as the movie will also be available on Netflix.

The news of the villain’s return was released by the streaming service to thousands of excited fans, with one fan commenting on YouTube, “One of the best villains in animation is back.”

Another person chimed in, “I’ve always loved Sinister Penguin!”A third individual agreed, “The ultimate villain is back, baby.”

Despite initial assumptions, McGraw’s cameo in the final scene of Chicken Run 2 has given fans insight into the upcoming movie.

In the next installment, the group vows to keep aiding hens in distress, following their triumph in freeing chickens from Mrs. Tweedy’s latest factory. Feathers leads the armed chickens as they tackle a small farm together.

Another fan also pointed out that it seemed like the cameo Jeremy mentioned in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget may have been foreshadowing. During a Q&A session for Chicken Run 2, it was confirmed that the events in the film take place before the villain’s appearance in The Wrong Trousers. This could provide some valuable context for the character’s actions.

While a Netflix release date for Wallace & Gromit Vengeance Most Fowl has not been confirmed yet, rest assured that McGraw is just getting started.

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