Did Billboard Anger BLACKPINK’s Jennie Fans by Mentioning Indoor Vaping?

On July 10 (KST), the official X (previously known as Twitter) account of Billboard posted an update regarding BLACKPINK.

Specifically, Billboard reported, “We are keeping an eye on the activities of BLACKPINK’s female members, including LISA’s upcoming headline performance at the Global Citizen Festival and Jennie’s apology for vaping indoors.”

Many fans argue that it is unnecessary for Billboard, a music media outlet, to mention Jennie’s recent controversy as it does not pertain to her music career. Furthermore, the post has been perceived as pitting Jennie’s apology against Lisa’s achievements, causing frustration among fans.

Despite the presence of numerous other scathing comments directed at the site, comments such as “That headline was unnecessary” , “I expected better than this all-time-low headline” , and “You are doing anything for clout” can be observed under Billboard’s post.

Referenced from X, K Crush

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