Accused of being a Blackmailer Against Tzuyang

Upon learning of this revelation, numerous individuals were taken aback, however fellow YouTuber Caracula has vehemently refuted any claims of blackmail associated with the case.

On July 11th, Caracula vented his frustration on his YouTube channel community, stating, “It feels as though I have been labeled as someone who accepted bribes disguised as personal sanctions.”

He persisted, “Whether this is in response to the Heo Woong case or a calculated and coordinated attempt to discredit us, Hoverlab CEO Kim Se-ui, can you handle this? Those with nothing to lose are not intimidating; it is when those with a lot to lose are willing to risk everything that true madness arises. Are you now challenging me?”


Caracula pledged, “I promise on the lives of my two sons that I have never accepted any illegal payments as a YouTuber. This is my utmost source of pride as a content creator, and I will provide evidence and release a video to clarify any doubts.”

On July 10th, Hoverlab, a YouTube channel, made allegations against the “Wrecker Union”, a group of YouTubers including Goo Je-yeok, Caracula, and Jeon Guk-jin, for allegedly extorting millions of won from Tzuyang by using threats to reveal her past.

In the recording that was released, Caracula can be heard advising Goo Je-yeok, believed to be the person speaking, that targeting Tzuyang could result in a loss of revenue for his channel indefinitely. Therefore, he should carefully consider his options. Even if his channel is shut down, the potential of gaining 1 billion won from targeting Tzuyang would make it worthwhile.


On July 11th, Tzuyang came forward to share her experience of being physically assaulted and extorted by her former boyfriend, A. She revealed that she used to livestream while being physically abused and even showed up on broadcasts with bruises on her face. She also disclosed that at the beginning of her career, all of her earnings were taken by A. As her broadcasts gained popularity, A created an agency and made her sign an unfair contract where he would receive 70% of her earnings and she would only get 30%. She also did not have her own registered seal or ID. However, A did not abide by the contract and Tzuyang did not receive any of the advertising revenue.

She disclosed that A had brought her to a bar and coerced her into working as a server. She explained, “I couldn’t confide in my friends about the threats, so I lied and said it was simply a job. Additionally, any earnings I made were confiscated. I have proof of all the transactions.”

Despite seeking criminal charges with the help of legal representatives, Tzuyang’s ex-boyfriend ultimately made an extreme decision, resulting in the case being closed without prosecution.

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