“4 Years of Exploitation” Tzuyang, Bruises Everywhere in Past Mukbang Videos “Broadcast While Getting Beaten Every Day”

Tzuyang often showcases comfortable clothing on her YouTube channel during her mukbang videos. In older videos, she can be seen wearing short sleeves, which would sometimes reveal bruises or bandages on her arms. This sparked a wave of concerned comments from viewers at the time.

Despite the initial assumption that the injuries were a result of cooking-related accidents, which is common for mukbang YouTubers, it was later revealed that they were actually caused by her ex-boyfriend, A. Although the situation was resolved about a year ago, remnants of these injuries can still be seen in her older videos, although her recent ones show less evidence of them.


Earlier today, Tzuyang shared during a live broadcast that her ex-boyfriend had illegally filmed and assaulted her. She also disclosed that she had been threatened for four out of the five years she has been broadcasting.

During a break from university before launching her mukbang channel, Tzuyang shared that she had a brief relationship with A, who started displaying violent behavior soon after they became a couple. She recounted, “Initially, he was very gentle, but it didn’t take long for him to turn violent. When I tried to end things, it was a nightmare. He secretly recorded me and threatened to share the footage.”

Tzuyang was coerced into working at a bar by a man named A, who used violence and threats to keep her there. She remembered, “I remember being physically assaulted at least twice every day.”


She confessed that despite beginning her broadcasts, she continued to be physically assaulted on a daily basis. While he made an effort to avoid hitting her face in order to conceal the abuse, there were instances where she had to go on air with a bruised face.

Two years ago, Tzuyang’s employees brought the situation to her attention and advised her to file a complaint. However, Tzuyang refused. A later visited her office, causing disruptions and making threats towards the staff. Tzuyang confided, “I’ve been on air for five years, but for four of those years, I have had to deal with this every single day. I have become skilled at pretending that everything is okay.”

Tzuyang’s legal team shared evidence of her injuries and bruises, along with audio recordings of A’s verbal and physical abuse towards her. They also revealed that there were approximately 3,800 audio files and that A still owed Tzuyang approximately 4 billion won in unpaid settlements.

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Despite A’s legal representatives explaining through video comments that Tzuyang had suffered considerable damages and that they had pursued claims for unpaid settlements, termination of exclusive contracts, trademark disputes, and the first criminal complaint for habitual assault, threats, injury, extortion, coercion, and violations of sexual violence laws, A ultimately did not follow through on his promise of leniency and not mentioning the matter again.

Despite Tzuyang’s decision to file a second criminal complaint and the expectation that A would receive a sentence of at least five years due to the severity of the charges, the case was ultimately closed with a “lack of indictment” decision, effectively ending the criminal proceedings. This was a result of A’s extreme choice.

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