Anecdote About Jennie’s Personality from Insider

Despite the controversy surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie’s indoor e-smoking, a YouTuber insider brought attention to the singer’s personality and how she treats those she works with by sharing an anecdote.

On July 9, Lee Jinho, a former reporter turned YouTube influencer, posted a new vlog discussing BLACKPINK Jennie’s controversy surrounding her indoor smoking.

The issue was specifically brought up when the star shared her vlog, which was filmed in Capri, Italy. She had traveled to the island for Jacquemus’s event and while watching the vlog, sharp-eyed internet users observed that she was blowing smoke in the direction of the staff while getting her makeup done.

At first, there were people who defended Jennie by saying she was using a diffuser, but she later admitted that she was actually vaping indoors.

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In regards to this, Lee Jinho clarified the reasons for why this particular scene posed a problem, despite Jennie being an adult.

“It’s not that problematic for adults to smoke cigarettes. However, the fact that she smoked in front of the staff has led to a personality issue.”

The ex-journalist proceeded to recount a personal story about Jennie’s perceived sense of entitlement, stating:

“Jennie is said to be very assertive even among the (BLACKPINK) members. The most notable case was her outfit choices. Girl groups don’t prepare certain outfits for specific members, but rather prepare several outfits and the members choose the ones they like.”

He proceeded:

“Jennie has her own unique fashion style, so she is said to be the first member to choose her outfit. Some have pointed out that she is self-centered due to this series of events. From a celebrity’s perspective, isn’t it greedy to want to stand out and look prettier? There are also many counterarguments that say it’s because of her thorough self-management.”

Regarding her indoor smoking issue, Jinho asserted:

“To be honest, it’s true that she has no manners. Whether you smoke outside or indoors, it’s common manners not to smoke in front of the staff.”

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However, he also made it clear:

“Jennie did not blow smoke in front of (the staff). Because we used the zoom to bring them closer, it seemed like the two were right in front of each other. They were a little further away than in the actual video.”

Lee went on to disclose that it is not uncommon for idols to smoke in the industry, as on-site staff are well aware that it is a common occurrence during photoshoots and schedules.

He clarified that it is a common method for celebrities to alleviate their stress while undergoing extreme diets for photo shoots. This practice is typically done indoors to prevent any potential controversies.

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In contrast, Jennie, through her independent label OA Entertainment, issued an apology in response to the issue and assured fans that she had also personally apologized to the staff.

Despite everything, BLINKs and Jensetters (fandom) showed support for Jennie by leaving uplifting comments on her social media accounts.

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