(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Remark About ‘Other Idols’ Sparks Controversy – Fans Come to Star’s Defense

On X, Shuhua sparked controversy when she compared (G)I-DLE to “other idols,”with opinions being split on whether it was a joke or if she was being “overly confident.”

On July 8, (G)I-DLE released their 7th mini album, “I Sway”, on various music sites at 6 PM KST. This garnered significant interest as it marks their first comeback in 6 months since the release of their second full album, “2”, in January.

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The fans were eagerly anticipating the quintet’s new release for another reason – their previous record of achieving 4 consecutive “Perfect All-Kills”on the domestic music charts. This impressive feat began with their hit song “TOMBOY”in 2022, followed by “NUDE,””Queencard,”and “Fate.”

Despite this, there is a high level of anticipation that they will dominate the summer charts and potentially break their previous records with their latest release, “KLAXON.”

However, much to the disappointment of music fans, the song did not receive as much support as expected upon its release. Even on Spotify, it was unable to enter the Daily Top Songs Global as of July 10.

Despite their disappointing rankings on music charts and lackluster reception from music enthusiasts, this sparked a heated debate among netizens. As a result, some fans resurfaced Shuhua’s initial statement during their comeback Livestream.

The (G)I-DLE members were discussing the song in a snippet that was being shared on social media. They described it as “addictive”and expressed their hope that it would be a constant summer anthem for them.

Upon hearing this, Shuhua interjected:

“Sorry to other idols.”

After being uploaded, the clip quickly gained over 3.6 million views, causing many viewers to feel offended by the star’s remark.

Shuhua was ridiculed for her “excessive confidence”and faced criticism for attempting to compete with other K-pop idols. Netizens also accused her of lacking talent and suggested she should be ashamed for her statements.

As the criticism grew more intense, Neverlands (fandom) rose to the defense of the idol and clarified that Shuhua’s statement was clearly meant in jest. Fans also expressed concerns about a potential double standard, as they viewed her comment as a “threat,”while similar remarks from male idols are often praised as “sassy”or “king behavior.”

Nevies persisted in calling out online users who were criticizing Shuhua, voicing their frustration with the pressure for K-pop idols to appear “authentic”and reveal their true selves. However, when idols do show their honesty, they are met with nothing but negativity.

Despite her witty and straightforward personality, Shuhua has consistently faced malicious comments throughout her career as an idol.

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