Disappointment between TWICE’s Sana and Nayeon Appearances on DAY6’s Young K’s content

On June 6th, a video titled “What Vitamin Do You Take?”was uploaded on the YouTube channel “117”, featuring Nayeon as a guest on Sana’s show. The video was titled “I’m Im Nayeon C”.

Sana shared her feelings, stating that Nayeon was present to promote her solo album and that it felt unusual for one of their members to appear on her show. Nayeon also mentioned that while they usually support each other from behind the scenes, this was the first time a member was promoting something on another member’s show.

twice nayeon

Upon seeing Nayeon’s appearance on Young K’s content, Sana inquired, “How did that come about?”Nayeon, surprised by the question, clarified, “I was initially invited by ‘K Survival Story’.”

On the day of the final episode of “Sana’s Fridge Interview” , Nayeon happily announced, “I am here to join our member in decorating the last episode.” She also shared an interesting story, revealing, “The past year, the most anxious moment for me was when I had a solo singing schedule while preparing for this album.”

twice nayeon

Nayeon reflected, “The rookie idols in front of me seemed incredibly anxious. Despite my years of experience, I couldn’t help but feel their nerves. I wondered, what should I do? And suddenly, I found myself becoming nervous as well. It was as if I was a rookie once again. After all, I am still a rookie as a solo artist. This being my second solo album, I couldn’t help but tremble.”

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