K-netizens Impressed by Idol Protection Scale in China: 200 Bodyguards + Human Barricade

A post titled “SEVENTEEN’s The8 reportedly had 200 bodyguards at a recent event in China” was uploaded on the Korean forum Instiz on June 7, causing a stir.

The subject provided various images of an event hosted by Kolon Sports, where SEVENTEEN’s The8 was present and 200 bodyguards formed a remarkable human barrier to safeguard the idol.

After viewing this footage, Korean netizens are greatly moved and many express their hopes for a similar occurrence in Korea.

Here are a few remarks from internet users:

  • Wow it really look safe with guards like that
  • The crowd is impressive, but thanks to the guards it feels reassuring
  • Hearing the number alone is impressive, but the image really nails it in the head
  • If only the same can happen in Korea.. At least let’s do half of that
  • I thought 200 bodyguards were a bit of an overkill, but looking at the crowd… It was necessary

The source of the information can be found on Instiz, specifically on page 2 of the name entry section. The category is 2, and the sorting is based on a rank of 3.

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