Professional Choreographers Choose the Top 4 Idol Dancers: ‘He’s the One And Only!’

Bada and In Gyoo, professional dancers themselves, unveiled the four idols who excel in the art of dance.

On June 6, the latest episode of the third season of LG U+Mobile TV’s original entertainment show “Go My Side“was released, showcasing the talents of two highly skilled professional choreographers, We Dem Boyz In Gyoo and BEBE Bada.

During the program, Park Narae, a self-proclaimed dance enthusiast, seized the opportunity to ask both of them which idols they believed were truly exceptional dancers. As a result, they disclosed their top picks for male and female dancers.

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According to In Gyoo, the individual responsible for the choreography of many popular idol songs, RIIZE Shotaro is the top choice. As he elaborated:

“He’s a total dance player.”

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Among female idols, In Gyoo expressed his admiration for Lisa.

“BLACKPINK Lisa has an incredible physical and and dancing quality.”

During their collaboration on Lisa’s “LILIFILM”(The Movie), he also fondly remembered and praised her efforts.

“Even though there were a lot of choreographies, she was able to memorize it all within 30 minutes.”

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In addition, Bada has selected his top dancers from the K-pop industry and has identified EXO’s Kai as his number one choice. Bada has collaborated with Kai on multiple tracks, including “Rover.”She shared:

“EXO Kai, the one and only!

When I was teaching him for ‘Rover,’ he had to use his waist a lot. As a man, it’s not easy to do that, but even while putting on his makeup, he kept on practicing it. He worked so hard to make it (the dance) his own.”

Bada specifically highlighted aespa’s Karina as a talented dancer when discussing female idols.

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The audience was impressed to see younger generation idols, Shotaro and Karina, selected among the many established idol dancers in the K-pop industry when they watched the broadcast.

It is a great honor to be recognized by the leading choreographers in the dance industry.

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Bada, the leader of the dance crew BEBE, gained fame through her participation in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2.”With 16 years of experience in dancing, she has choreographed popular routines for songs like aespa’s “Next Level,”The Boyz’s “Maverick,”and Dynamic Duo’s “SMOKE.”

Similarly, In Gyoo is a valuable member of the renowned dance group, We Dem Boyz. He has choreographed numerous routines for popular idols, including SEVENTEEN’s “HOT,”SuperM’s “Tiger Inside,”NMIXX’s “TANK,”and many others.

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