Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Furious as Glitch Ruins Memory Mania Event

Numerous players of Disney Dreamlight Valley have reported an issue that is hindering them from successfully finishing Memory Mania. There is growing concern among players that this glitch will not be resolved before the conclusion of the Inside Out 2-inspired event.

The current temporary event entails players to search for special items scattered throughout the Valley and specific Realms in order to access Memories. Successfully completing these tasks will reward players with exclusive prizes, such as animal companions inspired by the new emotions featured in Inside Out 2.

Despite players’ efforts, event items in unreachable locations have been reported, hindering their ability to collect all desired items during Memory Mania.

According to a Reddit user, Birthday Cakes have been appearing in the Moana Realm off the coast where players are unable to reach.

Unfortunately, the Cakes are not appearing in the intended Wall-E or Ratatouille areas, which only adds to the frustration. This means they are unable to obtain the final memory and has caused them to exclaim, “If this issue causes me to miss out on the event, I will be extremely upset.”

Oh my gosh byu/ShiroItachi inDreamlightValley

The poster added in a comment that it had been three days without any cakes available.

Multiple players, both on this Reddit post and on various social media platforms, have reported encountering similar issues with the Cakes in the Moana Realm and other defective event items.

One player stated, “I still have one bugged in Goofy’s home that has not moved from its original location. It has been there for at least a week.”

Another individual stated that they had already reached out to Gameloft support and were informed that the developers are currently addressing the issue. However, the player expressed worry that the solution may not be implemented before the conclusion of Memory Mania on July 17.

According to a page on Gameloft’s support website, under the section “Known Quest Issues,”the issue with the event bug has been reported to our developers, who are currently working on finding a solution.

However, despite reaching out to a Twitter/X user on July 5, there has been no update or solution regarding the bug that was last addressed 10 days ago. Although a hotfix was released on July 3 to address a problem with Scrooge’s Store and the Premium Shop, there has been no further acknowledgement of the issue.

Despite this not being the first instance, a Disney Dreamlight Valley event has once again faced criticism for bugs. The previous Dreamlight Parks Fest update also encountered a multitude of issues, resulting in Gameloft providing event materials and premium currency as compensation to players.

Some individuals have been driven to quit the game due to the events and resulting problems. One person commented, “I used to be very devoted to this game…Now I struggle to even open it for the specific items I desire. Their events are making me go crazy.”

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