Haliey Welch denies industry plant claims after “hawk tuah” phrase goes viral

Haley Welch, also known as the girl who popularized the phrase “hawk tuah,”has released a new video denying accusations that she is an industry plant.

In June 2024, a viral clip from Tim and Dee TV featured an interview with a woman on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. During the conversation, one question led to the creation of the now-popular catchphrase “hawk tuah,”which quickly spread across the internet.

After several days of searching, it was discovered that the “hawk tuah girl”was actually Haliey Welch. Despite her initial silence, she eventually appeared on a podcast with YouTuber Brianna Lapaglia and returned to using social media.

There have been allegations made by multiple online users that Welch is an “industry plant,”as seen in a video on Instagram. However, the viral sensation has since refuted these claims.

“I never intended to be an industry plant,”she clarified. “Everything just fell into place, in the moment. I even had to ask what the term ‘industry plant’ meant.”

She emphasized once again that she did not lose her job at a preschool because of the viral video, clearly stating that she had never been employed at a preschool to begin with.

Haliey previously worked at a spring manufacturing factory but mentioned leaving the job in order to travel. Despite being occupied after her first appearance on the Tim and Dee TV show, she has managed to stay busy.

During her interview with Lapaglia, she disclosed her intentions to produce a series about her life following the impactful street interview, but only after she records a couple of podcasts to discuss her newfound fame.

During their time together, the woman received valuable and gracious life advice from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

In a similar situation, Bobby Altoff rose to fame in 2023 after her podcasts with Drake, Lil Yachty, and other notable figures went viral on social media, leading to accusations of being an “industry plant”. Just like Haliey Welch, she was not the first to face such suspicions.

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