Does Deku lose his arms in My Hero Academia? Explained

The spoilers for chapter 419 of My Hero Academia have been revealed, exposing some heartbreaking details about the main character, Deku. In recent chapters, he has been risking his life to confront Shigaraki, with the entire world witnessing his courageous actions.

Despite fans believing that AFO would no longer play a role in the story, his return in chapter 418 of the series focused on the events in the Dreamscape. His persistence knows no bounds as he makes a surprising appearance, and recent spoilers have revealed the extent of his villainous acts in the manga.

According to the spoilers circulating online, fans of My Hero Academia are speculating about Deku’s potential loss of arms. To address this speculation, a thorough examination of the spoilers for chapter 419 of the series is necessary.

Please note that this article contains major spoilers from the manga chapters, as well as spoilers from chapter 419 which was not yet released at the time of writing.

What happened to Deku’s hands in My Hero Academia?

What is Manga?

Deku as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)
Deku as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)

Indeed, Deku did lose both of his arms in the battle against Shigaraki. Nevertheless, this was a result of the unfolding events in the dreamscape. The previous chapter foreshadowed the return of AFO and he ultimately appeared in the dreamscape.

Upon viewing Shigaraki’s memories, Deku witnessed the initial activation of his Decay quirk, which ultimately influenced his deep-seated hatred and ideals.

Despite his quirk, Deku held onto Shigaraki’s hands in the dreamscape, determined to prevent him from straying down the wrong path. The protagonist succeeded in causing a change in Shigaraki’s heart, but AFO interrupted at that crucial moment. It was then that he disclosed the true origin of the Decay quirk, revealing that it was not something Shigaraki had been born with.

Tomura Shigaraki as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)
Tomura Shigaraki as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)

This moment in My Hero Academia is crucial, as it redefines the audience’s understanding of Shigaraki’s quirk. Many believed that he was born with it, but it was later discovered that AFO gave him the Decay quirk when he aided the child in crossing the road. Shortly after, Shigaraki’s quirk was activated, marking a significant turning point in his life.

During their conversation, AFO criticized Shigaraki for his lack of decision-making abilities. AFO projected the illusion of free will onto Shigaraki, revealing that the former had complete control over the latter’s life.

All For One as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)
All For One as seen in the anime series (Image via Bones)

AFO succeeded in breaking Shigaraki’s psyche, signifying their reentry into reality. However, this time it was TomurAFO (a combination of Tomura Shigaraki’s body and AFO’s consciousness) who emerged. AFO announced Shigaraki’s demise and moved towards Deku, who had sustained injuries during the battle.

In the recent My Hero Academia chapter 419 spoilers, it was revealed that Deku had lost both of his arms. He was severely injured and unable to move, as he had sustained these injuries during the fight. This confirms that in the manga, Deku has indeed lost both of his arms after the events that took place in the dreamscape.

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