One Piece’s Egghead arc will end without any Straw Hat vs Gorosei matchups

As the Egghead arc speeds towards its highly anticipated finale, fans are curious about what the concluding chapters of the current One Piece story arc will entail. Since the series is currently on a three-week hiatus before the next chapter is released, fans have ample opportunity to speculate and engage in discussions about the upcoming events.

It is not surprising that a large portion of the discussion revolves around Dr. Vegapunk’s message, which appears to contain revelations about the Void Century for the inhabitants of the world in One Piece. This would undoubtedly be thrilling for fans, and therefore, they are eagerly following this ongoing storyline.

One of the main topics of discussion among One Piece fans is the anticipated showdown between the Gorosei and the Straw Hat Pirates, potentially marking the climax of the arc. Nevertheless, it is improbable that the two groups will engage in combat during the remaining events of the Egghead arc, considering the stated objectives of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Gorosei are Unlikely to Engage in Battles Against the Straw Hat Pirates During One Piece’s Egghead Arc

Throughout the entire Egghead arc in One Piece, the main focus for Monkey D. Luffy and his crew has been to escape with Dr. Vegapunk and his remaining Satellites. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Dr. Vegapunk and the loss of some of the Satellites, their ultimate goal remains unchanged.

Similarly, the crew is actively withdrawing as they move towards the next chapter of the series. Each group within the crew is heading to the rendezvous point, with some of them physically retreating from battles or deliberately avoiding confrontation with the Gorosei in order to ensure their safe escape from Egghead Island.

Keeping this in mind, it wouldn’t be logical for the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece to suddenly abandon their evacuation plans and engage in battles that they are unlikely to win at this stage. While characters like Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe may have a chance at survival, weaker members such as Nami and Usopp not only have a slim chance of victory, but also risk losing their lives in these clashes.

Additionally, defeating any members of the Gorosei on Egghead Island would not bring any immediate benefits to the Straw Hat Pirates. While some may argue that hearing Dr. Vegapunk’s message is crucial, Luffy may actually be displeased with being given information about the series’ main treasure. This viewpoint and feeling of his has been consistently portrayed in both the main storyline and supplementary materials.

Similarly, the Gorosei currently possess nothing that would entice the Straw Hats to engage in a fight with them leading up to the release of One Piece chapter 1112. Although this could potentially change in future installments of the series, the current information available suggests that there is no valid motive for Luffy and his crew to confront the Gorosei.

Therefore, it is highly probable that the Egghead arc will conclude without any confrontations between the Straw Hat crew and the Gorosei. However, this will only serve as a preview for potential matchups in the future, as the arc comes to an end. Fortunately, with the series entering its Final Saga, fans can anticipate these matchups to occur in due time, although not during the Egghead arc.

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