“Don’t Criticize That Lisa’s Solo Songs Aren’t Listened To In Korea”

The individual stated that some people are quick to condemn others for racism, but upon comparing the streaming numbers on Spotify for Jisoo and Lisa’s latest solo songs in Thailand, it becomes evident.

Jisoo has 550,000 followers, while Lisa has 2.57 million followers.

Jisoo has 1/5 the amount of streams as Lisa.

It is perplexing why they choose to criticize Korean fans, despite streaming Lisa’s music more frequently than other Korean members simply because she is Thai.

Both Jennie and Rosé are also included in this statement.

lisa blackpink
lisa blackpink

By the morning of July 1st, this post had garnered over 115,000 views and was a trending topic. The comments below are from Korean netizens.

The artist is considered a “global rock star”as half of their streams on Spotify originate from Thailand.

It’s expected that Thailand would stream Lisa’s songs more than her group’s.

Lisa’s fans often highlight her widespread international fame, but aside from Thailand, there is no other country where she surpasses Jisoo, even with an English-language track.

– The streaming rate in Thailand is impressively high.

“I should give Lisa’s song a listen. It may not be of much assistance, but it’s worth a try.”

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