Haha and Kang Hoon’s Reaction to Song Ji-hyo’s Fashion

The episode titled ‘Unknown Choices’ of the SBS show ‘Running Man’ was broadcast on the afternoon of the 30th at 6:06 PM.

Song Ji-hyo was seen wearing knee-length shorts on that particular day. Haha then turned to Kang Hoon and jokingly asked, “Don’t you think Ji-hyo’s shorts are a bit outdated?”Kang Hoon concurred, stating, “I had the same thought,”and playfully added, “They look like they were cut by my mom.”

song ji hyo running man

Upon hearing this, Song Ji-hyo retaliated against Kang Hoon and Haha, asking, “Who are you to criticize my fashion?”Kang Hoon admitted, “I am not knowledgeable about fashion,”while Haha continued to mock, referencing Park Jin-young’s famous line, “I have a girl.”

The source of the information is from an article on the website “nate,”available at //news.nate.com/view/20240630n14851?mid=n1008.

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