Is ILLIT Outperforming NewJeans on Japanese Music Chart?

On June 30, a forum post titled “ILLITs ‘Magnetic’ Achieves High Ranking on Japan’s Apple Music Chart”was shared on the Korean forum ‘theqoo’, generating significant interest.

The subject of the article is a screenshot of Japan’s Apple Music rankings, which displays ILLIT’s “Magnetic”at No.5, alongside other prominent Japanese artists. Additionally, NewJeans’ songs “How Sweet”and “Supernatural”secured the No.12 and 13 spots.


Despite the fact that it has been four months since its release, it appears that “Magnetic”is still performing better on one of Japan’s most popular music platforms compared to NewJeans’ more recent tracks.

The following are comments from internet users:

  • New Jeans’ new song just came out, but it’s lower than “Magnetic”? That’s shocking
  • ILLIT’s song is just really addictive
  • Wah, I’m shocked that ILLIT’s song is doing better than NewJeans
  • Well, “Magnetic” is the kind of song that Japanese people really like
  • Despite this, NewJeans has a total of 10 songs that are currently charting on Apple Music in Japan. This impressive feat goes beyond just one song, as even their older tracks are consistently appearing on the charts.

The source is theqoo.

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