DoorDash Customer Calls Police Over Stolen Sonic Order

A DoorDash customer gained widespread attention on TikTok after reporting their neighbor to the police for stealing their Sonic order, which was captured on their Ring camera.

Brenton (bbright96) shared a series of TikTok videos detailing how he caught his neighbor stealing his Sonic order on his Ring camera and then involved the police.

“In the first clip, which captured someone picking up my food bag and entering their apartment, he wrote ‘POV: You search for your DoorDash meal only to discover your neighbor has taken it. When confronted, they deny taking it.’”

According to Brenton’s video captions, despite arriving 20 minutes earlier with food, his neighbor reportedly took his Sonic order without permission. In the video, Brenton also claimed that his neighbor denied the theft and even went as far as to threaten him.


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The 27-year-old also shared Ring camera footage on his TikTok account that captured him and his roommate confronting their neighbor on the same night. The footage also shows the neighbor’s friend taking off his shirt and yelling at them.

A subsequent video showed two police officers arriving at the neighbor’s door. One of them stated through the door that there would likely be a warrant issued for the neighbor’s arrest on charges of larceny.


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In another video, Brenton shared that the apartment leasing manager had contacted his neighbor. According to him, the neighbor claimed the food as their own and stated that their name was on it, citing the similarity in names as the reason for the mistake. However, the leasing office later confirmed that the person who took Brenton’s food was not listed on the lease.

In a recent online video, a woman can be seen attaching a letter to her neighbor’s door, causing some viewers to speculate that it may be an eviction notice.

One person commented that they were facing eviction due to their DoorDash job, while another stated that they had received an eviction notice as neither of their names were on the lease. A third person chimed in, claiming to be able to recognize a lease violation when they saw one.

Brenton was also praised by others for involving the police. “YESSSSSSSS this resolved all the frustration I had from previous incidents of my food being stolen,” one user commented. “This is exactly how you should handle it!” another user added.

Recently, another DoorDash incident has gained popularity on TikTok when a customer discovered a deceased cockroach in her bubble tea delivery.

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