Fortnite Players Crushed as Epic Gatekeeps Classic Skins Despite Updating Them

Fortnite players are urging Epic Games to reintroduce previous Battle Passes, following the release of new LEGO Outfit designs for original skins in LEGO Fortnite. However, these skins are currently unavailable for acquisition.

As time passes, Fortnite’s original iconic skins have become more and more rare. This is because Epic Games has kept many of their original cosmetics locked away. Whether you were fortunate enough to obtain them during their initial release or are a new player joining the world of LEGO Fortnite, the opportunity to acquire these skins remains scarce.

A Fortnite player called for Epic to implement “Legacy Passes”as a solution to the problem, and the idea quickly gained support from the game’s Reddit community.

The post showcased a picture of the Darth Vader skin, which has not been accessible since its initial release in Chapter 3 Season 3 several years ago, alongside the latest LEGO Outfit style. This new style is a bonus for players who already possess the original skin.

According to ProdbyPyxlwhip, the concept of Fomo becomes irrelevant when the item in question is no longer available for purchase. This idea is emphasized by the accompanying image, which poses the question of how future players will obtain a character like Darth Vader in LEGO Fortnite, considering that it required purchasing a pass three years ago.

Please epic, legacy passes… byu/ProdbyPyxlwhip inFortNiteBR

Despite numerous players agreeing that Epic heavily relies on time-based exclusive items, one of the top comments expressed doubt that they will ever release a Legacy Pass until the game is on its last legs.

“As a player, I own Darth Vader and have acquired all Battle Passes since Chapter 2 Season 7. However, I strongly believe that fomo is a terrible concept. It is absolutely pointless and those who take pleasure in restricting skins are simply pathetic,”a player responded.

Another person commented, “I don’t necessarily require them to be Passes. Simply offer the items in the shop at regular prices.”

Despite this, one player suggested that a White Darth Vader could potentially be released, stating, “I could probably see them releasing one, especially with the upcoming release of a white LEGO Vader set.”Opinions were divided on the possibility of a White alternate version being introduced, with some also advocating for the introduction of Halo Infinite’s Legacy Battle Pass feature.

“Consider the potential number of customers who would purchase previous Battle Passes if they were accessible in a similar manner to Halo’s model. Instead of being limited to one season, players could select and work on any missed Battle Passes.”One additional person expressed this sentiment.

Calls within the community have frequently mentioned this feature for a variety of reasons. Several players have stated that they were unable to participate in the Battle Pass period due to illness or other uncontrollable circumstances, and believe that the inclusion of this feature in Halo Infinite would be an ideal solution.

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