Dune director finally reacts to Deadpool 3’s “horrific” popcorn bucket

The marketing for Deadpool and Wolverine may have reached its peak with the release of its popcorn bucket, but according to the director of Dune, it still hasn’t surpassed the notoriety of the most infamous one.

The tie-in merch for the highly anticipated MCU film was unveiled to stunned fans in late May. The Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket, which is often seen in photos covered in butter, features a wide-mouthed Wolverine eagerly awaiting a filling of popcorn.

It is evident that fans are fully aware of the meme and are embracing it, with some appreciating how it showcases the lewd humor of Deadpool and Wolverine. Some devoted fans have even gone as far as creating an action figure based on the meme.

Despite the attention it received, Dune director Denis Villeneuve was not impressed by it. During an interview with Canadian entertainment outlet Etalk, he joked that the crude popcorn bucket in Deadpool 3 was no match for the notorious “wormussy.”

“According to Villeneuve, there is a great deal of envy towards our bucket and efforts are being made to unleash something terrible upon the world. However, the Dune bucket remains unparalleled.”

The discussion surrounding popcorn buckets shows no signs of resolution. While elaborate buckets have traditionally been sought-after items for visitors at theme parks like Disney World, they have also gained popularity among moviegoers as an additional offering for theaters to sell.

In light of the popularity of Dune’s Sand Worm popcorn bucket, several additional merchandise items and buckets have been introduced, such as the Inside Out 2 emotions buckets and Despicable Me 4 cup holders.

Currently, the popcorn buckets for Dune and Deadpool & Wolverine are neck and neck in terms of their strange fan appeal. Although Villeneuve believes the Dune bucket was superior, he does not dislike what was done with the Deadpool 3 bucket.

“To clarify, I do not dislike the bucket,”he explained. “I simply found it challenging to surpass the Dune bucket.”

The highly anticipated release of Deadpool & Wolverine in theaters is set for July 26. In the meantime, there is plenty of information to keep fans satisfied, such as details about Deadpool 3’s new pizza line and confirmed cameos in the film.

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