Kevin Costner admits he “makes movies for men” but only ever on one condition

Despite Kevin Costner’s career being largely focused on male-driven projects, the writer and director of Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 has made a point to also showcase the stories of women.

Costner’s fame was established through his involvement in Westerns, baseball, and grandiose productions. In addition to this, his role as the stern and uncompromising patriarch in Yellowstone has solidified his fanbase, mostly consisting of male viewers.

Despite being aware of it, Costner also discussed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that his projects have a strong appeal to a specific audience – those who appreciate the Horizon: An American Saga. However, he always makes sure to include strong female characters as a condition for his projects.

“According to Costner, his movies are targeted towards men. However, he makes it a point to include strong female characters and has followed this approach throughout his career. He believes that this is one of the reasons for his strong fan base and thanks the women for bringing their male partners to his Western film.”

Costner has consistently made a conscious effort to incorporate female characters in his movies, a factor he considers from the very beginning. In Horizon, the inclusion of characters such as Sienna Miller’s Frances and Jena Malone’s Lucy was a natural choice while exploring the diverse tales of Western settlers.

The author expressed that while writing, he constantly questioned the presence of a female character in each plot line. In his opinion, it was a natural and effortless choice to include women in every scene, including a young girl who was raised by a strong woman.

Horizon delves into the tales of various individuals, including those journeying on a wagon trail and mothers seeking refuge. With a runtime of three hours and one minute, it is a weighty epic in every sense. Although the initial installment has only recently been released, viewers won’t have to wait long for Chapter 2, which is set to debut on August 16, 2024.

At present, the current rating for Chapter 1 on Rotten Tomatoes is 39%, while the Audience score is at a solid 70%.

To learn more, be sure to watch the first chapter of Horizon: An American Saga. Additionally, you can discover all the Yellowstone appearances in Horizon or learn how to watch every Western featuring Kevin Costner.

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