EA FC 24 Takefusa Kubo La Liga Team of the Season SBC Cheapest Solutions And More

The Takefusa Kubo La Liga TOTS SBC is currently available in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, with an additional special item being added to the previously released cards on May 17. To obtain this card, players must complete all tasks included in the SBC before it expires.

EA FC 24 Takefusa Kubo La Liga TOTS SBC Tasks

There are two tasks that you must complete in order to finish the SBC. Both tasks have specific conditions that must be met, which EA Sports has kept relatively simple. This will be welcome news for all the fans.

Task 1 – Best Form

  • Min. 1 Players: Any TOTS or TOTW
  • Min. Team Rating: 83

Assignment 2 – LaLiga

  • Min. 1 Players from: LALIGA EA SPORTS
  • Min. 1 Players: Any TOTS or TOTW
  • Min. Team Rating: 86

Although the overall ratings required for each task are relatively low, you must include at least one TOTS/TOTW item in each task.

EA FC 24: Takefusa Cube League TOTS SBC Cheapest Solutions

Despite there being only two tasks, it is highly practical to opt for the most affordable solutions. This will enable you to save your resources for upcoming releases in Ultimate Team.

Task 1 – Top Form

  • Omlin 80
  • Lauriente 80
  • Nemanja Matic 81
  • Diabritz 84
  • Corboz 81
  • Thomas Muller 84
  • Cascarino 84
  • Rui Silva 81
  • Isco 80
  • Luis Alberto 84
  • Nicolas Otamendi TOTW 84

Task 2 – Spanish Football League

  • Ilkay Gundogan 86
  • Gabriel Megalhaes 84
  • Bella Bixby 84
  • Nacho Fernandez 83
  • Merle Frohms 85
  • Soon 84
  • Dabritz 84
  • Lucas Hernandez 84
  • Koen Casteels 84
  • Cucho Hernandez ALL 88
  • Romelu Lukaku 84

Upon finishing the challenge, you will receive a 92-rated RW player that is versatile and can play in multiple positions. If you are searching for a skilled winger at a reasonable price, the Takefusa Kubo La Liga TOTS SBC is a must-complete in EA FC 24. In comparison to the recently released Kadidiatou Diani TOTS SBC, this SBC offers significantly better value.

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