What is the TikTok 80’s Dance Challenge? Parents Show Off Their Best Moves and Go Viral

The 80’s dance challenge on TikTok is bringing together parents from the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations, and viewers are thoroughly enjoying their performances.

It is rare for TikTok users to scroll through their feeds without encountering a dance trend. From people showcasing their moves to popular drill rap, to users playfully imitating Drake’s rumored Brazilian butt lift with the ‘BBL Drizzy’ track, the platform is constantly buzzing with new dance trends.

This May, the trend of viral dances on TikTok continues. Recently, many users have been requesting their parents to showcase their dance skills to the song “Smalltown Boy”by Bronski Beat, leading to the popular 80’s dance challenge.

As the song was popular during their youth, baby boomers and Gen X individuals are now seen breaking it down to the 1984 track in a current trend.

One parent’s dance video went viral, garnering over 26 million views. The TikTok user described asking their mom how she would have danced to the song in the 1980s. In response, the mom swayed back and forth, mimicking the dance moves from the 1985 movie Breakfast Club.

@bucc40 #80s #momdancechallenge ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

Upon watching, many were impressed and agreed that she had nailed her dance. One TikToker even shared, “She definitely knew how to have fun back then.”Another added, “It was like she time traveled the moment she heard the beat.”

One TikToker instructed their significant other to “move like it’s the 80s,”resulting in over 9M views. The viewers were captivated by the woman’s dance, as she effortlessly grooved with a beaming smile on her face.


she dont playyyyyy

♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

“One person remarked on the sheer delight that spread across her face as she began to dance. Another expressed gratitude, noting that she didn’t have to bless their FYP in such a way, but she did.”

Despite all participants in the 80’s dance challenge being praised for their performance, one gentleman in particular caught the attention of viewers with his seemingly flawless muscle memory, as he seamlessly incorporated moves into his dance.

@oliviaorsomethingidk 😂💜 #80s #daddancechallenge #momdancechallenge #80sdancechallenge ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

“Comparing it to riding a bike, one person joked about the initial wobbliness before getting the hang of it. Another agreed, saying he had to rely on muscle memory to recall the skill.”

The 80’s dance challenge has garnered a significant amount of views, leading many TikTokers to include it among their top favorite trends. It has been a joy for them to witness the older generation getting back into the groove.

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