Episode 37 of Captain Tsubasa: Expected Release Date, Time, and What to Expect

The highly anticipated episode 37 of Captain Tsubasa is scheduled to be released on June 16, 2024 at 4 pm IST. It is expected to depict the Japanese team’s return to their homeland and address the consequences of their triumph in the Junior Youth Tournament. Additionally, fans can look forward to seeing Tsubasa’s mini-arc from the manga, which involves Kanda.

The most recent episode centered around the aftermath of the final, with Tsubasa delivering a final speech as the tournament’s MVP and lifting the trophy. The episode also highlighted several memorable character moments, including Misaki’s encounter with Pierre and Schneider’s reunion with his family. Additionally, there was a significant focus on Roberto and the immense growth of Tsubasa since their first encounter in the series.

As a result, it is highly probable that Captain Tsubasa episode 37 will focus more on their time in Japan, particularly since the tournament in France has concluded. Additionally, the final chapters are expected to lay the groundwork for potential events in a third season.

Please note that this article may include spoilers for episode 37 of Captain Tsubasa.

Captain Tsubasa: Episode 37 – Junior Youth Tournament Epilogue

Karl-Heinz Schneider with his family (Image via Studio Kai).
Karl-Heinz Schneider with his family (Image via Studio Kai).

According to Crunchyroll, the 37th episode of Captain Tsubasa is scheduled to be released on Sunday, June 16 at 5:30 pm JST. Fans in various time zones can find the release dates and times listed below.

Time zone

Release time and date

Pacific Daylight Time

4:30 am, Sunday, June 16

Eastern Daylight Time

1:30 am, Monday, June 17

British Summer Time

3:30 am, Sunday, June 16

Central European Summer Time

2:30 am, Monday, June 17

Indian Standard Time

4 pm, Sunday, June 16

Philippine Standard Time

6:30 pm, Sunday, June 16

Australia Central Standard Time

7:30 pm, Sunday, June 16

In Japan, those who want to keep up with Tsubasa and his friends in the Junior Youth arc can tune in to TV Tokyo, one of the top anime platforms in the country.

International viewers who have a subscription would be able to stream the episode on Crunchyroll.

Recap of the previous episode

Roberto and Tsubasa at the end of the match (Image via Studio Kai).
Roberto and Tsubasa at the end of the match (Image via Studio Kai).

The latest installment featured the victory celebration of the Japanese team and also depicted the Germans coping with their loss. A poignant illustration of this was the emotional reaction of Muller and Schneider in the dressing room, with the latter even sharing a touching moment with his loved ones after the conclusion of the game.

The Japanese team was observed rejoicing, with Tsubasa receiving numerous character moments due to his position as captain. He was also awarded the title of tournament’s most outstanding player. In his speech, he shared his football philosophy and emphasized the significance of the team to him.

A new scene between Misaki and Pierre also marked the conclusion of their individual character arcs. The episode concluded with the team returning to Japan, hinting at the beginning of the epilogue for the second season.

Anticipating Captain Tsubasa Episode 37: Predictions and Expectations

Schneider and Tsubasa at the end of the match (Image via Studio Kai).
Schneider and Tsubasa at the end of the match (Image via Studio Kai).

Episode 37 of Captain Tsubasa will likely serve as an epilogue, delving into the challenges that Tsubasa and his teammates will face upon returning home. These may include small story arcs, such as Hyuga’s financial struggles with his family. Additionally, it has been hinted that Tsubasa will confront Kanda, a character from the manga that may not be familiar to those who have only watched the anime.

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