Euro 2024 in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Exploring the Standalone Mode

The latest update for Euro 2024 is now available in EA FC 24, and many fans are curious if it features a separate Ultimate Team mode as seen in previous versions.

The start of the Festival of Football has been marked by the launch of Euro 2024, which has replaced EA FC 24 as the primary focus. This update allows players to participate in the tournament and complete challenges in all modes. However, many are wondering if there will be a separate Ultimate Team mode, similar to the one offered during previous World Cup events.

Is there a Euro 2024 Ultimate Team mode in EA FC 24?

Unfortunately, there is no separate Euro 2024 mode available for EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. However, the Festival of Football update did introduce a special mode that includes the fully licensed tournament. This mode only includes Tournament mode, Lead Your Nation, Kick-Off, and Online Friendlies.

The decision has been made by the developers to incorporate UEFA Euro 2024 into the current Ultimate Team mode through the introduction of new cards and promotions. These include Path to Glory and Greats of the Game cards, which will progress in quality over time, along with the addition of Copa America items.

In addition, the Festival of Football Season Progress offers a variety of themed rewards that can be obtained by completing challenges and earning XP.

Euro 2024 players in EA FC 24
EA Sports

The Euro 2024 mode features authentic teams and stadiums.

Whenever a global competition occurs, gamers anticipate the addition of a separate mode to Ultimate Team. This desire stems from the 2014 World Cup mode, which offered a unique experience allowing fans to create new teams using the players involved in the tournament. In this mode, chemistry links were determined by nationality and continent.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia also had a similar mode released, but the developers have since abandoned the concept. Instead, they have chosen to incorporate themed content into the main mode and maintain a united player base.

Despite securing the UEFA license for FIFA 19, EA Sports’ decision will disappoint fans who were hoping for a standalone mode to be included in future European Championships, as this will not be the case for Euro 2024.

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