Island Boy’s Arrest for Reckless Driving Leads to Accusations of Impersonation

Franky Venegas, a member of the Island Boys, assumed the identity of his twin brother Alex when he was apprehended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in May for his involvement in reckless driving.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, law enforcement reported that Kodiyakredd, also known as 22-year-old Venegas, was observed driving a yellow Corvette Stingray at high speeds on May 24.

According to the outlet, officers reported seeing Venegas drive quickly into a parking lot and were informed that his vehicle, as well as the occupants of a nearby gray vehicle, were allegedly “armed with guns.”

According to authorities, they activated their emergency lights and swiftly approached Venegas, who claimed to be his brother Alex. However, after examining his state ID and conducting a background check, they discovered that he had been lying about his identity.

Instagram: KodiyakRedd

KodiyakRedd pretended to be his brother, FlyySoulja, while being questioned by police.

According to officials, the background check revealed that Franky did not possess a valid driver’s license.

Venegas was arrested for reckless driving, driving without a valid license, and providing false identification and was then transferred to Broward County Jail. According to Local10, an ABC Miami affiliate, he was released from jail on May 25 after posting an $800 bond.

Venegas had previously been incarcerated in Fort Lauderdale prior to this incident. In May 2023, he was taken into custody for alleged domestic violence against his girlfriend at the time. However, the charges were ultimately dropped 10 days later.

Ever since their song “I’m an Island Boy”went viral on TikTok in 2021, The Island Boys have consistently maintained a large following on social media.

Ever since gaining notoriety, these two have consistently been in the midst of controversy, with a multitude of questionable decisions causing a split among viewers. This has resulted in multiple conflicts with TikTokers, YouTubers, and famous figures, as well as being subject to police raids.

Referred to by their alternate personas KodiyakRedd and FlyySoulja, the siblings have also caught the attention of famous figures such as Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. Collaborating on a Peacock New Year’s Eve broadcast, the duo shared their reaction to the Island Boys, humorously referring to them as “two silly guys in a swimming pool.”

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