EXO-CBX Fury Unleashed: SM Fails Promised Music Fees

On June 10, EXO-CBX (consisting of Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin) held an urgent press conference at the Shilla Hotel, organized by their agency INB100, to respond to allegations of mistreatment by SM Entertainment. The event took place at 4 PM KST.

At the press conference, Lee Jae Hak, the legal representative of EXO-CBX, revealed the specifics of SM Entertainment’s failure to fulfill a verbal agreement made with the group.

According to SM’s COO Lee Sung Soo, Lee promised the three members a 5% music distribution fee, but it was never officially included in their contract, as confirmed by Lee.

Lee explained, “There is a clause that 10% of profits generated from all entertainment activities (excluding producing activities) in the new company would go to SM. Although SM did not fulfill the agreement’s terms, they insisted on receiving 10% of the sales.”

An official statement has been released by SM Entertainment

Lee cautioned that should SM Entertainment persist in requesting 10% of EXO-CBX’s individual activities, the group would contemplate canceling or ending their contract with the company.

EXO-CBX (Photo : pannchoa)

“If SM continues to request 10% of personal activities, we will cancel or terminate the agreement and respond by reviewing the criminal complaint regarding the agreement, reviewing the complaint made to the FTC, and pointing out the legal issues from last year,”Lee stated.

At the press conference, EXO-CBX explained their reasons for deciding to extend their contracts with SM Entertainment, despite the ongoing controversies. However, they did not provide specific details about their motivations during the conference.

The public statement made by a staff member of SM Entertainment has sparked a heated debate online. The message from the employee discusses multiple issues, such as contract terms, financial transparency, and the agency’s treatment of their artists.

Although some internet users agree with the staff member’s statements, others are accusing SM of distorting the story in order to discredit the artists.

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