EXO’s Baekhyun Criticized For Remarks At Solo Concert Which Remind People Of His Contract Issues With SM

On June 10, Baekhyun held a solo concert in Hong Kong as part of his first solo Asia tour, Lonsdaleite. This was the same day when EXO-CBX held a sudden press conference to accuse SM Entertainment of making unreasonable demands.

During the concert, Baekhyun expressed, “Our fans will always be on my mind. The main purpose of starting a company was to connect with more fans. I don’t aspire to achieve great success, so it doesn’t matter if INB100 doesn’t become a huge corporation. My priority is to stay true to the fans who support me and interact with them on a more personal level.”

He exclaimed, “I desire to meet each and every one of you, according to my own wishes and thoughts. That is my sole purpose. I hope that everyone present comprehends my intentions. Let us continue to have joyful and confidential gatherings like this. Just like the lyrics of a song, I will always remain true to myself. No matter how much time goes by, I will always be dancing in front of you. Won’t I be wagging my tail like a playful puppy? That’s just who I am.”

Many people criticized this message, as they believed Baekhyun was hinting at the ongoing dispute between EXO-CBX and SM.

The following statements are from Korean netizens:

  1. This is a battle over finances. What type of affection is this?
  2. Are his words and actions not very distinct? Does he reside in a separate reality?
  3. He has an insatiable greed for money.
  4. Despite his love for his fans, it appears that he prioritizes money above all else.
  5. He toys with the affections of those who are fond of him.
  6. Despite not being a fan of Baekhyun, I still feel embarrassed when I encounter things like this.
  7. He holds the belief that fans are unintelligent.
  8. Constantly feigning pity and putting on a facade of doing everything for fans, yet in reality, harbors a greater love for money than anyone else.
  9. He appears to be the greediest person among everyone else.
  10. I’m genuinely curious, do fans actually listen to it and enjoy it?
  11. It seems that the children who say they are not greedy are the greediest
  12. I believe that he is excessively greedy.
  13. Baekhyun, please stop bothering your fans…
  14. Therefore, after paying the fine to SM, you are free to do as you please.
  15. I have been fond of you for a decade, but why do you behave in this manner? I sense that we are being used as a shield and a source of income.
  16. Please stop and go away.

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