Who is Lilly Gaddis? TikToker Under Fire for Using Racial Slur and Refusing to Apologize

TikToker Lilly Gaddis is facing criticism after a video of her using a racial slur was released.

During a routine upload, Gaddis can be seen cooking and discussing relationships. However, she makes a comment about marriage, using a derogatory term to refer to the current marital status of “everyone she knows.”

Users of X/Twitter have expressed criticism towards the comments made in response, with many expressing surprise at the casual and thoughtless use of offensive language.

Despite receiving backlash from a certain community, Gaddis, also known as Ilddis on TikTok, released a follow-up statement addressing her recent video. In the statement, she acknowledged the upset caused by her video and reflected on the negative feedback, but ultimately stated that she still did not care.


War. #fyp #foryou #llddisss

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In the video, a quote from Larry Flynt is featured at both the beginning and end. He states, “The First Amendment is meant to safeguard offensive speech. If one does not intend to offend, there is no need for protection.”

The video above has sparked calls for Gaddis to be fired from her job due to her use of the slur. While she did claim to have been fired in a post, it is uncertain whether this was a genuine statement or just intended as a joke.

Despite the removal of the initial clip of her using a racial slur, Gaddis’ TikTok profile is still accessible.

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