Guide to Obtaining and Using Luminescent Seeds in Destiny 2

Luminescent Seeds are a recently introduced material in Destiny 2 The Final Shape that may be challenging to find. This guide will explain how to acquire and utilize them effectively.

The Final Shape expansion brought a wealth of fresh additions for players of Destiny 2, such as fresh challenges, a never-before-seen subclass, and an array of powerful Exotic and Legendary weapons. Furthermore, Luminescent Seeds, a new material found on the Pale Heart, has been introduced.

Therefore, these are all the places you can search for Luminescent Seeds in Destiny 2 and how to utilize them.

Where to Obtain Luminescent Seeds in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To obtain Luminescent Seeds in Destiny 2, one must complete Overthrow activities and defeat bosses.

The Pale Heart now offers a new activity called Overthrow, which can be found periodically in The Impasse, The Blooming, and The Landing.

The task involves solving puzzles, purifying areas, overcoming adversaries, and confronting a special boss at the conclusion. After successfully defeating the boss, you may unlock the chest and potentially discover a Luminescent Seed.

What to do with Luminescent Seeds

In Destiny 2, you have the ability to activate Pale Blessings by planting Luminescent Seeds in black hands that sprout from the ground.

These black hands can be found throughout the Pale Heart, with a higher concentration in The Impasse, The Blooming, and The Landing. If you approach one of these hands, you will receive a prompt to “Plant”the Luminescent Seed.

After completing the task, a small shrub composed of light will materialize. You can then engage with it to trigger Pale Blessings.

Luminescent Seed flower in Destiny 2

When you plant the seed, a flower will grow.

All Pale Blessings and How to Activate Them in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To activate Pale Blessings in Destiny 2, you must select one from the Traveler’s Blessings node on your map. To activate them, follow these steps:

  1. Open your map and go to the Pale Heart.
  2. Access the Traveler’s Blessing node.
  3. Pick a blessing you want to use.
  4. Activate it using the flower you just bloomed with the Luminescent Seed.

If you are having difficulty locating the Traveler’s Blessing node, it is located right beside the Pathfinder objective node. The following are the Blessings available for you to choose from:

  • Traveler’s Grace: Temporarily acquire the benefits of a different Traveler’s Blessing.
  • Insight for Travelers: Acquire faster Super ability regeneration.
  • Traveler’s Aspect: Experience a boost in the regeneration of class abilities.
  • Traveler’s Valor: Acquire a boost in regeneration for Melee abilities.
  • Resurgence of the Traveler: Experience a boost in your ability to regenerate Grenades.
  • Remedy for Travelers: Receive a temporary boost in health regeneration.
  • The Traveler’s Aegis grants a temporary Overshield that regenerates over time.

It is important to note that only one Pale Blessing can be active at a time, and it is only effective while you are on the Pale Heart. Additionally, while battling Overthrow bosses, make sure to keep a lookout for Modes of Light in order to access the Exotic Khvostov.

As you discover all that the expansion has to offer, be sure to also take a look at the top builds for Hunters and Titans.

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